Thanksgiving Meal 2012 — Is Interrupt!!

Ashish open up microwave and put in turkey which he found trespassing in backyard. He caught it with net and throw it in microwave in order to provide food for guest 2 entertain 4 party. People were all sit at table with fork and knife, waiting 4 food.

“When is it coming,” Bhuppi say, kicking table w/ foot.

Ashish press some buttons on microwave and start it, and turkey would be ready in 1:00 hour. Turkey was yelling from inside microwave, running around to try to escape.

“Stop,” Ashish say, and bang microwave with hand. “It is for a good cause.”

He brought cracker and milk–beverage from sacred animal and purchase at discount store in close-by area–to provide guest with sustenance until turkey was properly prepare. He pour milk 4 all, which was common 4 all, and hand out cracker. Everyone was give 5 cracker and Ashish begin 2 laugh.

“It is like game of poker,” he say.

“Go fish,” say Bhuppi.

Everyone at table laugh at comedic moment, and Ashish slap Bhuppi. Ashish was anger at Bhuppi for taking spotlight and also for interrupt, so Ashish slap Bhuppi across his face.

“Not in my house,” Ashish say.  “I am host.”

Bhuppi frown, and everyone sat eating cracker w/ milk. Ashish smile at dear company which include Jones, Loosev, Bhup, and Bnta. Jones and Loosev were take time from busy schedule to be present for holiday sharing, and Ashish was oblige to invite Bhuppi because of friendship, despite transgressions of the same. Bnta was exotic, and wearing expensive cocktail dress w/ denim overalls, and someone whom Ashish was try very hard to impress of late. Todd was not allow to have food at dinner table with rest of people, and Ashish would make sure to save one or two morsel of turkey for Todd for later time, if he would behave.

All of sudden, a window crashed open and one other beautiful female came in who was familiar from prior moment. Ashish was excite, and felt that femme fatale look good doing it, crashing through window of his home.

“Welcome 2 my home,” Ashish say. “Please sit.”

Grl pointed gun at Ashish and say, “You have been nothing but trouble,” she say. She laugh and point gun. “I will end it,” she say.

Ashish smile and offer her glass of milk w/ cracker, and to sit down. “Thank you for coming,” Ashish say.

All of sudden, loud noise from kitchen resulted in explosion + power failure. Microwave explode and turkey go everywhere. Ashish pick some up and eat it.

“It is tender,” he say.

Femme fatale fell down on ground from explosion. Bhup confiscate her gun and hit her w/ newspaper. Ashish smile, knowing it was good 2 hv all dear friend around for holiday feast, which would be the same 4 many year 2 come, shared with all friends who were sharing in food and love.

“I am thankful,” Ashish say, and begin 2 serve turkey. “Thx.”

Everyone at table clap for Ashish at realization of such effective hosting duties.

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