Ashish Goes Into Bank and Commits Robbery of the Same

Ashish was walk down street on way to grocery store. Grocery store on corner was own by local white, who was landlord of various building in area. Grocery store contain several item for household use, including toilet paper, cracker, bread, and also milk, which was sacred drink sold commonly at store, for nourishment. Ashish was on way to purchase some grocery when homeless man talk to him from corner. Homeless guy was wear several item of ripped clothing. Ashish notice that this person was of low economic standing in neighborhood due to poor clothing and dirty teeth. Ashish was not fan of white since they come from culture which was devoid of family value and distinguished moral judgment to be seen in daily decision-making and life choice.

“Hey,” homeless man say. He wave to Ashish to get him to come over.

Ashish look at man angrily and continue to walk. “No, thank you,” Ashish say. As he walk, he saw homeless drop object on ground. Ashish notice it was hundred dollar bill! He stop walking and pick it up. He walk over to homeless man, who was smile at Ashish.

“You like what you see?” homeless man say.

Ashish didn’t even know the man’s name, and knew that it was of good manner to introduce and ask for name of the same. “Yo,” Ashish say. “Am Ashish. U?”

Homeless man shook hands w/ Ashish and smile again. “Don,” he say. Ashish smile at familiarity of such a name. Donald was name of famous cartoon duck which was depict in various cartoon and film, and major theme park in various part of world. Growing up in childhood, Ashish watched many cartoons depicting avian creature. And, Todd, who was roommate of Ashish was often watch Disney cartoon in room, which were suitable for children for entertainment purpose and intellectual stimulation.

Ashish was hold onto hundred dollar bill for a bit. All of sudden, Don took hundred dollar bill from Ashish and put it into pocket. Ashish was very anger. “Why did you take it from me,” Ashish say.

“Heh,” Don say. “Bet you’d like to know where I got it.”

“Yes,” Ashish say. “Tell me how to do it.”

“There’s a bank down the road from here,” Don say. “They’re coming up on a shift change. When they do that, you should be able to walk right in and rob the place.”
Ashish was confuse. First, homeless man say his name was Don, and then mention Rob, which was short for Robert, and often used in place of Bob or similar name, which was common for white. “Who is it,” Ashish say.

“No,” Don say. “You can rob the place. You know—commit a robbery.”

“Ohk,” Ashish say. Robbery was criminal activity often depict in Hollywood film and various parts of town, in area comprised of black and other culture which contain poor values throughout the same. Ashish was worry about committing robbery and getting detain by authority, who would engage in punitive measure and take Ashish to prison.

“What if there is police,” Ashish say.

Don smile. “You got it all wrong, guy,” Don say. “No cops are gonna be around. All that money’s gonna be yours for the taking. Long as you split some with me, we’re good.”

“Oh,” Ashish say.

“Besides,” Don say. “No one’s gonna bother you so long as you got these.”

Then, Don take out various objects from pocket, including piece of cloth and handgun, which was use to fire bullet at certain target.

“What is it,” Ashish say, looking at object.

“These are your tools,” Don say. “Every working man’s gotta have tools.” He handed gun to Ashish and Ashish held onto it.

“It is dangerous,” Ashish say, pointing it at Don. He turn gun around and look inside of it to see if he could see it. “People will be afraid.”

Don begin to jump up and down—was very excite! Ashish watch him do it and join in, and start to jump up and down to not let Don be alone for it. After few minute, Don stop performing jump activity, and Ashish cease activity as well.

“That’s the whole idea, guy! You want those people in the bank to be afraid of you! That’s how you’re gonna be able to take all that money from them!”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say. Ashish held onto gun and felt power of such weapon in his hand, which added masculinity and balance of power in his hand to be able to control his own destiny and cause other people to perform action for him, out of fear, respect, and other admirable quality. “But they will know who I am and send police after me,” Ashish say. “I’ll go to jail.”

Don laugh and pat Ashish on shoulder. “Nah, guy,” he say. He take cloth from Ashish and show it to him. “This is your mask. As long as you wear this, they won’t be able to tell who you are. You’ll be in and out of there and they’ll never know who you are.”

“Wow,” Ashish say. He look at cloth and understand power which it contain, and ability to conceal identity, similar to when magician and spy conceal identity from various onlooker in multitude of setting. “It is magic,” Ashish say.

Don look at Ashish for a bit. He didn’t even say anything, but then say, “Listen, man. Just take these to the bank, put on the mask, and you’ll be able to rob the place blind. You come back here and split the money with me, and that’ll be the end of our business transaction. I’ll even let you keep this hundred dollar bill.”

Ashish smile. Don was new friend, with true emotion and pure emotion who was kind to Ashish, and who understood benefit of sharing and trust. He even gave Ashish tools to succeed, which was also sign of true friendship and fine character.

He take gun and mask. “I’ll do it,” Ashish say. “I will perform this mission and return.”

“Wait,” Don say. “You gotta pay me for the tools. I can’t just give them to you for free. You gotta pay a deposit. When you come back with the money, I’ll return the money to you.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say. He handed money to Don, which was formerly to be use for grocery and other household item. “Is proper business transaction.”

Ashish then walk down street with gun and mask in pocket. Instead of going to grocery store, he made left turn and walked down other street to bank. As he get to door, he put on mask and took gun out of pocket. As he tried to find door for bank, he realize that he couldn’t even see. There wasn’t even one eyehole, and all of sudden, he understand what Don mean when he say “rob place blind.” Ashish couldn’t even see, and was like blind individual who suffer from medical condition, and Ashish smile at appropriate nature of being blind while committing robbery. He then began 2 cry and difficulty faced by various blind individual, who couldn’t even see anything.

Ashish lift up mask, opened up door to bank and walk inside. He then aim gun at mask and shot hole through it. He put it back on, but he couldn’t even see still. He noticed hole from bullet was on sides of mask, near ears, and Ashish knew this was also helpful to have it, because it would be able to help him with location of various individual by way of listening to surrounding environment. As necessary, Ashish turn mask from ear to eye to see out of it.

“Yo,” Ashish say to bank. “Am here to collect money. Please hand me a bag of it so that no one will even be hurt.” Ashish stand in line to go up to bank employee, and was surprise when everyone in line got out of way. Ashish smile, and knew that such individual were paying respect to Ashish due to masculine power he was in possession of, designate by gun and mask.

“Thank you,” Ashish say, and walk up to bank employee. He saw girl on other side of window. Girl was wearing elegant suit, with lavender blouse and tight fitting jacket which displayed ample bosom and other exotic feature which were desirable to look at it. Ashish looked at bosom of this woman for bit. He then look at her face, and saw she was fearful. He saw nametag on her blouse, next to bosom, which say “Connie.”

“Please don’t hurt me,” Connie say. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“Good,” Ashish say. “Yo yo. Please fill up a bag of your best money so that I can have it. At least 400 dollar.”

Immediately, girl began to fill bag of money. Ashish watch her, and knew that she was subservient and obedient, which were dutiful qualities of good girl from fine family, who would make suitable wife, and later, for consummation of the same. Ashish began to be excite, and felt urge to perform various carnal action with Connie.

“Hurry up,” Ashish say. He pointed gun at her and looked around at other bank employee and customer. He didn’t even know what was problem of everyone, and why they were stare at him. All of sudden, Connie was finish with storing money in bag. She hand it to Ashish, and look into his eye. Her eyes were bright and blue, which was exotic feature, and contained diamond sparkle of stars, which was commonly associate with universal destiny, and beauty which could not even be compared to it.

“Here,” she say. “Please take it.”

“Thank you,” Ashish say. He took off mask and put it in his pocket. “So. How would you like to go to dinner w/ me,” he tell to her.

Connie was confuse, and didn’t even know what to say. Ashish knew it was likely due to emotional bewilderment at being suddenly confronted by masculine bandit, and power Ashish held in current situation.

“I can’t,” she say. “You’re robbing us. You’re…a bandit.”

“I fight for the people,” Ashish say. “Be careful, my dear. There are other dangerous men about.”

Ashish then put mask back on. He took bag of money, raised gun into air, and fired it at sprinkler on ceiling. All of sudden, water began to shoot everywhere, and alarm was activate. There was lot of noise and lot of motion and screams by people. Bank was fill up with steam, and Ashish turned mask while he was run to exit. He run into plant on way to exit. Plants were green and often used in various location such as office, bank, home, school, and grocery store for purpose of decoration and oxygenation of the same. He trip over plant and fall to floor. He get up and ran for exit, knowing that he displayed mysterious masculinity to Connie, who would be left desirous of Ashish and his powerful execution of robbery, which he performed in order to supply money for himself and Don, a man of low socioeconomic status and impoverishment.

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