Bnta Plans Online Date and Has Forbidden Encounter at Store in Preparation of It

Bnta looked at message on computer on website of profile of man who ask her out on date via online web URL. Bnta was utilize website in order to meet suitable friends and male companion for few different activity to occupy die, and fulfill desire for true love, lasting relationship. It was exciting of a thing to look at profile of man on computer, and Bnta didn’t even know what to expect on date tonight! There was common expression known as butterfly in stomach, but Bnta thought this was poor and unappealing choice for expression, and indicative of insect. If Bnta were eating bug, maybe it would be the right expression!

Bnta re-read message on screen which was,

“I’ve really enjoyed talking with you these past few days. And meeting up sounds good! How about I pick you up at 7 pm and I’ll take you to my temple?

Best Regards,
Abraham ☺ “

Abraham had screen name which was title “kosherluv4u,” and Bnta wonder what was even the significance of it. She didn’t know what was mean by word ‘kosher’ and why person would profess love about it via internet, which was commonly used for sending email about work correspondence, purchasing item from website, maintaining public profile on social network site, and utilizing search engine. There was general level of heightened excitement and enthusiasm contained in message from Abraham, and Bnta was curious about new cultural aspect of temple that Abraham mention in message. Typically, white culture was not contain great deal of religious reverence, and Bnta was intrigue by possibility of it. She looked at words on screen which she sent as reply earlier in morning:


Thank you…

Bnta read in feminine magazine that it was preferable habit of men for women to behave in direct way so as to not be confuse w/ mental depiction of immaturity or inexperience, or even insincerity. Because of this courting habit which was evolve during era of internet and new technology, Bnta was always habitually send brief message with content that was businesslike and efficient, which was impressing for men to see it in online interactions, due to fact women were not intended to be adept at usage of technology, or other aspect of integrated globalization of it.

In addition, Bnta was also curious about what Abraham would impart upon her during date tonight w/ regard to temple visit! She didn’t know that white were religious culture, and was certain she would be subjected to much new informational input about various religious belief, mannerism, and rituals of the same. Then, she would have more data on which to base decision of suitability of Abraham as man overall, and romantic intentions according to the same.

Bnta took one final look at message from Abraham, and notice one other component, smiley emoticon at end of it. Bnta stare at it for a minute and bewilder in her chair. Emoticon was common tool used on internet and other electronic message device which was shorthand way of conveying direct emotion due to fact that emotion was not able to filter via text, email, or chat message. Without emoticon it was often impossible to gauge emotion, and she was thankful and intrigue by inclusion of it in message from Abraham.

She look at emoticon for bit longer and tremble in bewilderment for few second. She normally would take smile to indicate happiness and greater amount of joy, but in context of dating and courtship, she wondered if it meant something additional, or an indication of some other kind of desire in addition to love, such as physical touching, handholding, kiss, and other forbidden, carnal actions which she was taught as child not to think of. She look at Abraham, at strong features, and hat he wore on head—Bnta smile at fashion statement of small piece of clothing on head, and how it resemble small piece of bread. She looked on cal of computer, and notice it was Monday. As she thought of Abraham and emoticon, desirous thought entered into her mind as anticipation of meeting built up inside of her heart.

“It is Magical Monday,” she say out loud. She had to trust her heart to guide her to true love! She got up from computer and fell on bed, falling into many pillows and thinking of wondrous event date would bring. She think of various things she would hv to do in order to prepare, such as put on makeup, use bathroom before leaving, doing laundry, and then she realized she forgot to go to store earlier today! She didn’t even have makeup product, detergent, or bathroom supply! All of sudden, she looked at wristwatch and notice that she only had couple of hrs to prepare for it and run errand!

Bnta got up out of computer room and went downstairs to exit house. She took purse and housekey and ran out of door. Grocery store was very close to home, so she walk all the way to it in order to obtain necessary item. She got to store, and took shopping cart. She walk inside and went to get several item from cosmetic section, from toilet paper section, from detergent section, from naan section, and lots of other section!

As she was pushing cart down naan aisle to go to feminine product section, she noticed grocery store worker at other end of section—he was black. Bnta was mesmerize by such an exotic man, who was of entirely different culture than Abraham, or any of Bnta’s family! She wondered how man could get such skin complexion. She look at him and continue to push cart, and didn’t notice when she knock into various naan product and knock them onto floor. Boxes made lot of noise and attract attention of Black. Black looked up from store task and saw Bnta for first time…was looking straight at her! He wore tan corduroy pant and dark green polo shirt + baseball cap. Bnta admired corduroy, as it was often purchase at bargain price, and was pleasant of a material to touch it.

Bnta was bewilder behind shopping cart, and did not know proper way to respond to new situation! She stopped pushing shopping cart and accidentally knock into more product, which fell to floor. Black now turned to face Bnta with full stance, and Bnta noticed details of how tall he was. She also look at his muscle in various body part, such as arms, hand, leg, finger, and other area. Black looked down at grocery product which fell on floor, then look back into Bnta’s eye. He smiled with teeth, many teeth…and Bnta notice sparkle of how white his teeth were. Bnta was feeling excited response, and new that she needed to hurry if she wanted to go home and prepare for date. She resumed to push cart down aisle without saying one word, and pushed closer to black. She tried to go around him, but his body was consume large area of aisle, and she could not maneuver wheels of cart around the same.

“You sure made a mess back there,” Black say. He was continue to smile, and Bnta look up at him.

She felt strange emotion emanate from center of body, and felt desirous of some thing she couldn’t even give a name to call it. She thought of emoticon and chat message, and what kind she would use in current situation, and didn’t know what to do. She knew she had to leave in order to prepare for date, and did not want to depict poor dating habit with lack of punctuality and preparedness.

“Please excuse me,” Bnta say. “Have to pay for grocery.”

Black laughed. He fold his arms in front of body, and Bnta noticed new detail of larger muscles, which were indication of athleticism, fitness, and proper decision regarding dietary habit and physical activity.

“Who’s gonna clean up that mess?” Black say. “You got a name?”

Bnta stared up at Black, and wasn’t sure if she should tell him her name! He was stranger, and from culture she knew very little information about, and only see and hear about some it from various action movie and crime story. She bewilder a bit more.

“Yes,” she say.

“Well?” Black stand there and look down at her. He raised eyebrow. “What’s your name?


“I’ll remember that,” Black say. “Something tells me I’ll be seeing you around here more often.”

“K,” Bnta tell him.

Then, Black stand aside and held arm out 4 Bnta 2 pass by. She look up at him for few second, and push shopping cart slowly by. When she got to end of aisle, she turn around to look at Black, who was stare at her with large, desirous eye. He smile, turned cap around on his head, and went to go pick up grocery boxes which fell on floor few moments prior to it happening at present time. She watch Black bend down to pick up the same, and then when he stand up and turn around to look at her, she took shopping cart to check out counter to pay for item. On way to checkout, Bnta took feminine product from shelf with discretion so that Black would not see it, and went to pay for it as well, since it was indicate to her to do so in feminine magazine she was reading at previous point of day. Cashier was fat woman of white cultural background, who had fingernails painted different color…many color. Many color like rainbow…which was symbolic of happiness and magic…for Magical Monday.

Bnta was remind of date w/ Abraham. She paid for grocery with credit card, and exit store with shopping cart. She was confuse on inside when she thought of Black, and then Abraham, and then Black, and going back and forth several times as she walked through parking lot. Car horns were beep at her, and under normal circumstance would frighten her out of fear of bodily injury! But Bnta was floating on beautiful cloud of wondrous, desireful emotion, and was not able to think properly.

She pushed cart all the way to exit of parking lot, and then down street back to house. She pushed cart on side of road, and eventually make it back to house. She dragged cart upstairs, and did not even notice struggle of maneuvering wheels of it up staircase! She was so preoccupy with new kind of emotion, and what to do for it. She realized that shopping cart was belong to grocery store, but since no one stopped her, it was likely that they thought it belonged to her, and that she could continue to use it for future usage.

Bnta checked wristwatch and notice she had one hour until arrival of Abraham for date tonight! She checked computer very quickly for additional message, but didn’t even see one. Instead, she looked at emoticon and trembled again, thinking of various emotions which were mixing up inside of her due to grocery store encounter w/ Black and upcoming date w/ Abraham. Bnta shiver as she looked at comp screen, and then she turn away. Quickly, she put away grocery in pantry and fridge, and placed clothes in wash machine w/ detergent to clean the same, and then she applied makeup product. She read feminine magazine for few minute, and learned nature of hat Abraham was wear to be common 4 members of Judaism ethnicity. She logged onto internet to learn more about it, and searched for “Judaism what” in search engine. She found various results relating to famous people who were of this origin, and also various habits and mannerisms.

For example, she learn that Judaism was typically depict to have high degree of efficiency and pragmatic nature, as well as strong sense of moral background and family value. She also learn about kosher term, which was typically designate to portray healthy food and great deal of cleanly preparation of the same. Bnta was happy to learn about nature of Abraham, and history behind temple and other related items from internet, which was powerful tool to be used for researching articles, searching for news, and copy-pasting information for use in other areas, like academic paper, or work-related presentation and professional effort.

Bnta walked over to kitchen to get food from cupboard, and moved shopping cart to closet for use later. She took out few pieces of naan and put it in her pocket. Suddenly, doorbell rang! Bnta was nervous, and took few seconds to walk to door. She checked herself in mirror and was glad she looked presentable as a feminine figure, according to magazine information she previously obtained. She felt heartbeat increase in frequency, with many beats taking place. She wondered if date would go well, and was nervous for what to say to Abraham, how to talk to him, and where date would lead, and when it was suitable for marriage date to be set. Bnta took few steps to the door and open it.

“Hi,” she say. She was looking at tall man of skinny stature, which was likely product of healthy diet. He also had on professional black suit, and she observe that his face was covered by prominent beard, just like in photos from online dating website found via internet. She thought of Black, but then quickly ignored desirous thought when Abraham speak to her.

“Hi,” he say. “I’m Abraham.”

Abraham held out hand for Bnta to take it and shake it. He kissed her hand, and Bnta quiver since she was non-used to such forward custom depicting overt romantic content.

“And what’s your name?” he say.

Bnta was remind of encounter w/ Black at previous juncture in grocery store! She felt inner desires channel to surface once more and she bewilder right in front of Abraham!


Bnta stand there and look at him, and didn’t know what was proper step to follow, so she went by default encounter she read about in magazine.

“How are you?” she tell him.

“I’m fine. Ready to go the temple if you are.”


Abraham turned around to walk down stair, and Bnta followed. They got into car together, and backed out of driveway.

“Buckle up,” Abraham say.

“Ohk,” she answer him.

Abraham drove car on several road, driving and turning places, driving for long time! Bnta didn’t know where road would lead, and wondered where was the temple. She look at Abraham, and watched as he removed hat from head, and took out snack of crackers which were hidden underneath. He put hat back on his head and ate some cracker!

“I forgot to have lunch, so I hope you don’t mind.”

Bnta watched as Abraham ate cracker, and thought about efficiency prevalent in Judaism which she researched by looking on internet page. Abraham used hat as storage for food, and it was true what she read w/ regard to efficiency. For hat to serve double purpose as fashion statement and food container, white culture of Abraham was indicate of intelligence and overall efficient attitude.

“I like your hat…” she say. She look at Abraham out of corner of her eye, and notice he was smile…like previous use of emoticon.

“I’m glad,” he say.

Bnta then took piece of naan from pocket and eat few bites. She made mess of few crumbs, and some got caught in her mustache, which she forget to apply beauty product in order to properly conceal, according to feminine magazine. She looked out window at other cars, and noticed that car was suddenly stop at traffic light, which were commonly used to regulate traffic flow in incremental fashion. She look over at Abraham with crumb stuck on her face, and notice that he looked nice…and also that he had crumb in his beard! She admired facial hair of Abraham. He nodded at her as sign of approval and interest level.

“Good,” Abraham say.

Bnta smile, and suddenly felt comfortable on date. She was look forward to arrival at temple, where she would learn great deal of new cultural element and custom of white culture, specifically of Judaism component. Abraham drove forward from traffic light when it turn green, and temple became closer, and more proximal to current position.

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