Ashish and Bhuppi Discuss Car, and Ashish Commandeers Public Bus to go to GNC Store

Ashish was sit in lunch room w/ Bhuppi, which was locate in office building, and discuss various leisurely activity and hobby outside of work, including items such as: net surfing, sport, reading magazine, and driving car.

“I like to drive very fast when I’m on highway,” Bhup say.

Ashish ate some cheeto’s out of bag. He wipe some excess crumb onto his pants, and he smile. “It is an appropriate place to do it,” Ashish say, “but what kind of car would you do.”

Bhuppi took sip of soft drink and say quickly, “GNC.”

Ashish was intrigue b/c he didn’t know nature of GNC brand, or what region’s it.

“What is it,” Ashish say.

Bhuppi opened up brochure which he retrieve from his pocket and slide it over to Ashish across lunch table. Ashish open it up and saw pictures and literature on few different cars, which were more accurately depict as large truck, van, and recreation vehicle. He often saw similar vehicle on highways, comfortably seating a large number of individual inside of it.

“Wow,” Ashish say.

“Yes,” Bhup told him, “They’re very powerful. Lots of horse power.”

Ashish looked up from brochure. He had never heard term horse power, but quickly begin to laugh b/c of silly nature of expression, and how it refer to barnyard animal which was known to inhabit grassland, and depict in cowboy movie specific to white culture, which was devoid of intelligence and other moral value. Ashish took one other bite of food.

“It is trash, Bhuppi. Horse power is not a sensible term since it is associate with lack of culture.”

Bhuppi laugh and took back brochure from Ashish. “No, man! It’s reference to speed. Since horse is fast land animal, they compare vehicular power to it to depict efficiency of engine. It is sensible.”

Ashish think about logical connection b/w speed of animal and engine efficiency, and realize that it was true of a statement to refer to the same as it. However, he knew of faster land animal than horse, and it would be more sensible to use reference to rarer animal which is depict in zoo, such as cheetah, or mongoose.

“They should call it cheetah power,” Ashish say. “It’s faster.”

Bhuppi spit out some food and laugh. “Hehehe,” Bhup say.

Ashish smile knowing he was cause of joy for another true friend whom he shared many meaningful moment with.

“But!” Bhuppi say. “I worry about mileage.”

All of sudden, exotic new intern from elsewhere in office walked into lunch room and walked toward fridge. She was wearing tight jean + figure-hugging shirt, which accentuated slender attribute, as well as a sumptuous bosom which would sway in tandem with inertial impact of shoes to floor.

Ashish watched intern, who’s name was Bonnie, and he was become excite. Bhuppi was continue to talk, and Ashish was engross with beautiful sight before him. He often thought of mating with beautiful women such as this, and fathering great deal of children in order to teach them true familial value such as honor, leadership, and loyalty. Since these kinds of quality were not often associate with white culture, Ashish would need to instill the same upon both Bonnie and future children. Bonnie then retrieved some food item from fridge and walked out of kitchen. On way out, she looked at Ashish, and Ashish wink at her.

Then, she left, and Ashish silently counted moments when he and Bonnie would be reunite.

Meanwhile, Bhuppi was continue to talk.

“Yo,” Bhup say. “Are you even listening to me, man??”

Ashish look at Bhup. “How’z it going man,” Ashish say.

“Mileage,” Bhuppi say. “GNC trucks doesn’t have good mileage. It’s too big.”

Ashish crumple up bag of finish cheeto’s and throw it at Bhuppi. “You don’t even know anything about automobile,” Ashish say. “The bigger’s the car, the more gas you need, and the faster it will go. This is how you know the engine is working properly. It uses all fuel you put inside of it in order to move such a big car. Large truck and recreation vehicle are the best.”

Bhuppi looked at brochure for bit. He was appear confuse.

“Trust me,” Ashish say. “I would not steer you in an incorrect manner.”

Bhuppi and Ashish both laugh at this, due to fact that ‘steer’ was driving term, and both of them were discuss nature of cars and various motorist vehicle purchase.

Ashish then left lunch room and decide to buy car. It was momentous of a decision to make it, but he was not hesitate. It was sign of a confident and knowing man to quickly decide in important decisions in life, and Ashish was on his way to purchase new care to symbolize his intellect and manly spirit.

He get back to desk in his office, and notice that next mission w/ Loosev was not until later in evening. It would give him lot of time to make purchase and show up to new mission with impressive new ride. Ashish log on to computer in order to access internet application. He type into search engine, “GNC shop where is it” and proceed to find map application which was indicate most proximal location of GNC store. Ashish made note of content of address and write it down on piece of paper and put it into pocket. He also noted ‘hours of operation,’ and that store was going to close for business in approximately 25 min!

Hurriedly, Ashish left office to commence to travel to GNC store as indicate on internet application, and to accomplish it in a manner deemed timely by the same.

He walk out to street corner and saw incoming public bus. Ashish wasn’t even at bus stop and he didn’t know where’s it, so he had to make one other quick decision to board vehicle while it was in motion! Ashish took ladder from nearby construction site and mount it against telephone pole. He climb up it, and then as bus get closer, he leaned back w/ ladder and tilt it so that it was fall on bus.

“It is like a tree,” Ashish say. He notice that ground was get closer, as well as bus, and at right moment, he jump off of falling ladder and land on roof of bus, the way Jones demonstrate on various occasion during past missions for agency.

Ashish open access panel on roof of bus and climb into it. Bus was still in motion, and all other passenger were simultaneous excite + fearful of such a brave entrance perform by Ashish.

“Thank you for your concern, my friends,” Ashish say. “Please stay calm and I’ll resolve it. Thank you.”

Bus was inexpensive type of travel, typically utilize by various citizen and local residents of the neighborhood. Ashish look around at some patrons and notice that it was inhabit by individual designate by low socioeconomic bracket. He look around for indication of attractive female in near vicinity, but couldn’t even see it.

Ashish ride on bus for several minute. He checked location on map application of iPhone, which was previously donated to him by Loosev on mission to Donewall, and he notice that location of GNC was so close! Ashish run up to front of bus, to driving technician who was helming the vehicle.

“Yo,” Ashish say.

“Stand behind the yellow line,” bus driver say. Bus driver was black, and Ashish notice he had some grey hair, which was indicate wisdom, and possible resemblance to some famous movie star of similar complexion. Ashish wondered if bus driver was relate to famous movie stars.

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say. “But I need you to stop here.”

“We can’t stop here,” bus driver say. “The next stop is up on Silver Street.” Driver then turned bus left, away from GNC destination.

“No,” Ashish say. “Drive straight.”

“Sit your ass down,” driver say.

Ashish was become very anger with bus driver for usage of foul language as well as abrasive demeanor. Bus driver was final obstacle that was impede Ashish from obtain new vehicle, purchase which would serve as confirmation of strong conviction for Ashish while indicate maturity and masculinity with regard to approaching important decisions on finance and various expenditure. Ashish was determine to complete his goal, whatever would even be the cost of it.

“I am sorry, my friend,” Ashish say.

All of sudden, Ashish stepped over yellow line and grab onto steering wheel. Bus driver was try to fight him, and Ashish was impress that driver was able to keep bus in proper position and maintain control of the same.

“Wow,” Ashish say, before striking driver w/ a punch taught to him in martial art training.

Driver was fall unconscious. Ashish check time on smart phone, and see that he only had 15 minute to get to GNC. He increased acceleration of bus and drove down correct road. Soon, all patron on bus were scream and become fearful of current unfolding of events on public bus.

“You shouldn’t be afraid,” Ashish tell to them. He picked up driver and placed him in aisle of bus. Then, Ashish sit in driver seat and position glass divider so that no passenger could touch him, or in case passenger decide to do mutiny and overtake driver seat.

Ashish take out iPhone and consulted map while driving bus, and notice various cars on road which were in way. Ashish beep horn few times and turned steering wheel to navigate around some of them. Passengers were knocking on glass of divider, yelling at Ashish and try to get him to stop it. Ashish saw GNC store close by, but he couldn’t find proper turn. He notice a few obstacles in way, including some trees, bush, and parking lot area. Ashish took bus microphone and made announcement to passenger:

“Hold on,” Ashish say, which was line commonly use in action film to convey reassurance and control of situation.

Ashish turn wheel and beep horn lot of times, and drove over concrete divider on road, which had some grass, bush, and tree growing. He knocked over tree, and entire bus was shake considerably. Lot of cars were beeping at him, and Ashish focus on road to get to GNC before closing time. So many passengers were yelling and scream, and Ashish even hear old woman begin 2 pray.

“You are a good person,” Ashish say to her.

Ashish then made it to parking lot, and bus was pull up in front of GNC store. Ashish step on brake and bus came to quick stop! He notice he have few minutes to get to store, so he opened door from bus.

“Goodbye,” he say to all passenger, who were now quiet and tumble all over chairs and aisle. “Take care of one another and do not forget your safety.”

When Ashish get out, he travel to store on foot, and notice it was inside of mall. Mall was establishment for shopping which was utilize to combine popular stores in single location in order to heighten convenience for shoppers who would spend lot of time doing it. Ashish go inside and found way to GNC store, but was confuse b/c he didn’t even see any car.

He saw various white working in store, wearing polo shirt with letters ‘GNC’ on it. He looked on shelves and saw some grocery and item which were label as ‘health’ and ‘supplement’ and ‘vitamin.’ Ashish notice that none of items were relate to automotive use, and decide to speak to some representative in order to obtain proper information on new initiative for GNC business.

“I would like to buy a car,” Ashish say to tall white with nametag entitled “Mark.”

“That’s great, man,” Mark tell to Ashish. “Can I interest you in some whey protein?”

Ashish was confuse. Protein was vitamin often found in certain food and grocery, but he didn’t even know why it was offer at GNC! He didn’t no why Mark was say “way” or even what’s it.

“No way,” Ashish say. He looked around store. “I’m looking for GNC dealership, to get a new car,” Ashish say.

“That’s awesome,” Mark say. “My friend works there. Before you go, take a smell of this whey protein. We have it in chocolate.” Mark opened large plastic vase and put it in front of Ashish.

“Oh, ok,” Ashish tell him, then took smell of it. Ashish was overwhelm by odorous chocolate flavor. “It is for chocolate milk?” Ashish say. Ashish was excite because of sacred nature of milk as beverage overall, and was look forward to flavoring it w/ chocolate to remind him of time during childhood when he would enjoy similar refreshment.

“Yeah, man,” Mark tell him. “We’re having a sale now. You buy two, you get the third one half off. You should totally go for it. And when you go to the dealership, you can put them in the backseat instead of carrying them.”

Ashish say, “Ohk,” and all of sudden, Mark was ring up three items at checkout counter for Ashish to buy. When transaction was complete, Ashish exit GNC store holding three vase filled with chocolate milk formula stacked on top of one another, which would be used to flavor sacred beverage into becoming more tasteful of a drink, which was essential when preparing food so that taste bud would savor the various texture and variations of different nutritious aspect. Ashish couldn’t even see where he was walking, but he continued to move forward in order to achieve goal of obtaining new car with great engine efficiency, manufactured from country with strong sense of value and craftsmanship.

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