Bhuppi Presents: Bachelor Show!

Bhuppi was standing in television studio which was situate in private basement of beach house which was belong to television network executive. In front of him there were some girls: 5 total of it – each one was a potential of a choice for him to have new wife, each w/ hidden talent and special skill which could be hone in various competitive category in order to improve candidacy for the same, and most of all to impress Bhup and dazzle him with true love. Bhuppi was excite, so he smile.

“Welcome to Bachelor show,” Bhuppi say to all of them. He looked at all girls, and he knew they were so lucky to make it so far in such a competition for it. They sat in their chairs with hands folded w/ good posture and well-groomed feature. Bhuppi was pleased at their good manners and fine upbringing, as well as their exoticism.

All around him, Bhuppi notice various lights and camera, and he thought of many times in which he saw “behind the scenes” special on popular cable channels like HBO and MTV, and how “lights, camera, action” was common of an expression to say it. He knew the global audience was waiting for a good performance, so he decided to do it.

“All five of you wonderful girls have made it this far. But! “ Bhup say, smiling. “Now you have to illustrate that you are ready for true love with me. This is the final round, girls.”

Bhuppi then snap his finger, and all of sudden, a few assistants from TV network came out while pushing carts w/ table cloth and covers so as to not reveal any of the contents on it. There were 5 carts, one for each contestant. Bhuppi knew what’s underneath covers, but he would only reveal it at proper moment. After they bring it out, network assistants went backstage which was VIP area.

First girl on left was called Ekta. She had exotic features, including hair which was combed neatly, a nice expensive dress, and high heels on. She was very opinionated, and during previous round w/ her, Bhuppi notice she had pretty large bosom, but because she was so opinionate and had to talk a lot, Bhuppi found it difficult to properly stare at her curvaceous feature w/o being discovered. She was very cunning and always stared at Bhuppi in polite, dutiful manner.

Bhuppi was stare at her bosom again, but then Ekta had question.

“I can’t wait,” Ekta said, smiling at him.

Bhuppi laughed. “Hehehe,” he told her. “Ekta, my darling. Please wait until we begin.”

Ekta sat in chair and appeared to be very fluster. He didn’t know what’s the problem. All his life he was accustom to establishing dominance in male-female interaction, and Bachelor show wasn’t even an exception to it. Bhuppi walked up to Ekta and turned off microphone. While camera was rolling and in front of other female contestant, Bhuppi whispered some things into the ear of Ekta. Such a secret would serve duty of adding intriguement to TV program while augmenting jealous tendency which was common to females.

“You will like this final round, Ekta,” Bhup whisper to her. “It requires a lot of intelligence, which you display a high amount of it…”

“No…” Ekta say, turning to face Bhuppi with feeble resistance and lot of desire.

Bhup stand up and put microphone back on. He grin at her, and speak into microphone: “No more talking, please. The round will begin.”

Then, Bhuppi nodded to light technician, Rod, in back of the room. Bhup snap his finger again in preparation of announcement, and all of the room went dark! Soon, lot of club/techno music was play along w/ flashing light, which gave impression of an energetic environment with lot of dynamic activity to be attend on hot nights in city environment w/ lot of dancing, alcoholic beverage, and party scene. Bhuppi thought of various nights in cities where he would just part a lot from night to night without even knowing what day’s it, or how much capital was left in bank account after leaving credit card on bar to impress new friends, girls, and other individual to earn new acquaintance on Facebook and LinkedIn.

It was long time ago… Bhuppi think.

Bhuppi grabbed new microphone from nearby stand, and stood on stage in front of all five girls. From left 2 right, he saw Ekta, Konnie, Kristen, Kelly, and Bnta. Konnie was exotic of a girl to be involved in bachelor competition, and since Bhuppi had a taste for finer things in life, he had been connecting w/ Konnie ever since beginning of competition, with sparks flying and romance imminent. Similar things could be said for Kristen and Kelly, who were all quite exotic as well as Konnie. All three K-girls came from culture which Bhup didn’t even know, w/ blonde hair, impressive curves on body, nice clothes + make up. All three were like swimsuit models on cover of magazine which Bhup spent some time surfing for on internet, magazine aisle at supermarket, and some bookstore. And then…there was Bnta.

Bnta was always so quiet, wearing glasses, holding onto shopping cart everywhere she go, looking very bewilder and not even saying a lot. Throughout bachelor show, Bnta was always very timid, but Bhup detected some desirous tendency in it. She was also very smart due to fact she wears glasses. Bhup would make sure to keep an eye on her…

“Ladies,” Bhuppi say. “Congratulations on making it so far into this bachelor contest. No matter what happens, you are all winners of the competition in my heart, where you will remain. I tried to talk to network president to get the rules to be change so that we can all live happily together and be romantically involved in multiple degrees…but!” Bhuppi say, signaling technician to stop the music. Lights were still off, and Bhuppi speak slowly into microphone. “It is not even allowed. In the name of love, I can only do one wife. If you wish to stay in contact w/ me, please add me on Facebook and LinkedIn.”

Bhuppi listened for a bit, and he could hear the excitement + breathing of the various contestant in the dark. Just then, he put on night vision goggle and took some moment to stare at curvaceous feature of all the girls, including bosom, hip, leg, and other area. Bhuppi smile and was becoming excite, but knew that “show must go on,” which was another common expression from television and show business model. He also notice Bnta was not in her seat. He looked around room and listened, and saw her in opposite corner, walking around somewhere w/ shopping cart. Bhup was very intrigue w/ her but he couldn’t even know why’s it. In the dark room, he also saw the network assistants return and remove covers of each of the five carts, which revealed task for round. Once they did their duty and left to go to VIP area again, Bhuppi smiled. He took off night vision goggle and put them under a nearby podium.

“Lights, please,” he said to technician.

Lights came back on, and Bhuppi watched as contestants adjusted to bright nature of it, as well as new task which was display before them on carts.

“Please,” Bhup say. “Stand up and get ready for it.”

Girls were rub their eyes, and walked up to the carts in front of them. Bnta stopped walking around and looked around like she was lost and couldn’t find it. No one even said one thing, but Bhup watched as Bnta slowly realized where she was stand, and then turned around w/ shopping cart to join others. Carts contained various cooking implement, ingredient, mixing bowl, and plate. Ingredients on each cart were all the same: pasta, chicken, milk, mango + tomato, which allowed for a nutritious meal, and opportunity for grls to deliver a menu which would cater to a refined palate developed by Bhup over the year. Bhuppi watched as Ekta, Konnie, Kristen, Kelly, and then Bnta stood by food carts to begin.

“You have ten minutes,” Bhuppi tell to all of them. “Cook me my favorite meal, and it will be the final test to see if there is true of a connection to bind it between our souls…”

Girls looked around for minute. Bhuppi looked at camera crew and TV executive producer, and then realized he forgot to ask girls something!

“Oh,” Bhup say. “Do any of you have any questions before we begin.”

Slowly…Bnta raised her hand in bewildering fashion. Bhup smiled at it.

“Yes,” Bhup say.

“I have question,” Bnta tell him.

“What is it,” Bhuppi say.

“I already have cart,” Bnta say.

Bhuppi looked at shopping cart which was brought by Bnta.

“Ohk,” Bhuppi say. “What’s the question.”

“Well,” Bnta say, reaching into shopping cart. “I have other ingredient, which means I’m more prepare than other contestant. Can I use them to cook as well?”

Bhup admired such innovation, but looked over to TV executive to see what’s the answer. Executive’s name was Chad, and Chad was shaking head to indicate response of “no.”

“I’m sorry,” Bhuppi say to her. “You will have to follow the rules.”

Bnta begin to cry a lot, and other girls didn’t even know what to do. Bhuppi was alarm by this, and all of sudden no longer desired Bnta in a wifing manner. He had no choice but to eject her from the competition.

“I’m sorry,” Bhup say, again. “You will have to leave. I cannot marry you.”

Bnta then grabbed cart, and began to take it to walk away, out of TV show beach house. All of sudden, she became very anger, and took cart, and knocked it into food carts of Konnie, Kristen, and Kelly. All three of K-girls began to scream and cry, and they were unable to prepare meal since ingredients + tools fell on floor and became dirtied. Bhuppi was disappoint in this turn of event, especially due to fact that exotic K-girls couldn’t even know how to prepare against poor sportsmanship of Bnta. It was indicative of poor partner dynamic and ill-preparedness. Bhup had no choice.

“Kristen, Kelly….Konnie…I’m sorry.”

Girls topped crying for second and all looked at Bhup. Ekta was standing proudly with shoulders high and smiling it.

“I have chosen Ekta to be my bride. You all will have to leave.”

When girls refused to leave and became very anger, they all ran toward Bhuppi w/ threatening intention, throwing food and fruit and some mixing bowl at him. Bhuppi was hiding behind podium, holding onto microphone and wondering who would help him. He looked around for interns + executive assistants on TV show, and saw some of them were laughing! Bhuppi didn’t even know what’s funny, but he signaled to Rod, who was light technician.

“Rod, kill the light!”

All of sudden, lights turned off. Bhuppi put on night vision goggle and ran out from podium. He saw Konnie, Kristen, and Kelly standing around in confusion, and then start to betray one another in confusion by throwing ingredient and tool at one another. Bnta was wandering out door w/ shopping cart. Ekta was standing like dutiful wife and future mother, waiting for her fate.

“Action!”  Bhuppi shout, while grabbing Ekta by the hand. All of sudden, flashing lights and music were activate, and Bhuppi led Ekta out of danger and away from the conflict. Before leaving room, he grabbed a remaining mango from floor and exited room w/ Ekta. He took her out of basement and led her to rooftop of beach estate, where beautiful candlelit table w/ flowers and glasses of milk were waiting. It was the final stage to be set for bachelor decision on the show, for all audiences to see across the world for Bhuppi to make it.

Bhuppi then took off night vision goggle and placed them on the floor. He got down on one knee and held onto Ekta’s hand. He held up mango he rescued from other conflictual room, and offered it to her.

“Ekta,” he told her. “This is a symbol of how your love transcended the conflict which we just escaped. You showed me bravery, and loyalty, and sound judgment when the going got treacherous…”

Ekta was smile at Bhuppi, and began to cry a bit due to joy.

“I want us to share this mango as a symbol of our love, everlasting…”

Bhuppi then stand up. “I love you, Ekta.”

Ekta wiped away some tear. “I love you, too,” she say.

The two of them were about to lean in for kiss, when all of sudden: Kristen, Konnie, and Kelly came bursting onto rooftop, very very anger w/ fruit, vegetable, cooking tools, and other weapons. They all of them ran at Bhup and Ekta, and in the commotion, Bhuppi’s hand was separate from Ekta’s.

“Bhuppi!” Ekta say.

“Ekta!” Bhuppi say.

Unfortunately, the anger of the rejected contestant was too staggering, and so, they knocked Ekta off of the roof of the beach house of the network executive of the bachelor show, and Ekta plummeted, screaming all the way down to the ground level.

Bhuppi ran to the edge of the roof and looked down. He shed a multitude of tears at sight below: Ekta had landed in shopping cart of Bnta, who was pushing it on sand, away and into the distance. Bhup stood, holding onto mango underneath the stars, with some wind blowing. He stood next to girls he didn’t even like anymore, girls who can’t even measure to who’s Ekta, and who had failed final cooking task of bachelor show. The girls were unintelligent and not even capable of doing a cooking task, and because of it, Bhuppi no longer had the true love of his life who he was destined to marry and make some family with. It was all the fault of the network + the corporation executive who funded the show for the audience consumption–none of this tragedy would have happened if it wasn’t even for the television program to be shown to the nation, for entertainment purpose.

Bhuppi squeezed the mango in his hand, and he couldn’t even hear angry voices of the contestants. He squeezed harder, his world crushing and losing all flavors as the juices escaped out of it…but he was no longer hungry for the same. The mango was now his heart, and instead of juice, he felt the grips of death squeezing the life from him, forcing out the hemoglobin-rich blood which could only sustain his body, beating forever in chest…now w/o purpose, forever, to be in solitary confinements on the beach resort, and some other places.

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