Bioshock Infinite Story – Act II [AWARD WINNER!]


Game of Skies: The Sea Is Not Even Clean Enough To Swim It

SPOILER WARNING: Story is contain lot of spoiler for game. Spoil is term often use to depict rotten progression of various food item such as milk, fruit, vegetable, produce, egg, granola bar, and some cheese.

Act II: “Columbia’s Politics Just Sucks, Man”

After firefight w/ cops was done, Ashish made new friend in Booker. He was sadden at loss of Bhuppi, and shed some tears for it, but now Booker was a very capable and handsome guy. He didn’t even have mustache on his face, but he was masculine guy who good taste in weapon, clothing, and women. Ashish checked out photo of Elizbeth on his iPhone from intel received via Loosev, and he became excite. Elizabeth was attractive of a female to pursue it, and Ashish knew that he and Booker had similar taste. Booker even was start w/ letter B, just like Bhup! But, Ashish was confuse since ‘book’ was commonly associate w/ school, or objective to read from in certain location, like library or store, or even e-book in recent technological development.

“Yo,” Ashish say. “Where you’re going?”

“To get Elizabeth,” Book told him. “She’s my ticket out of this.” 

“Let me come w/ you.”

“Might be better if we’re not seen together, kid. Besides,” Booker say, nodding at Ashish. “If you’re anything like me, we’re better off alone.”

Ashish smile, but then looked more closely at Booker, who appeared to be formal soldier who’d been through many battle for sake of his country, who was trouble by lot of different things in life.

“We cannot spend our lives alone, Booker. It’s my destiny to do it.” 

“Talk like that would put you in good with Comstock. Maybe you guys should have a little chat.”

With that, Booker ran off to go save Elizabeth. Ashish was surround by lot of colors, including green grass, blue sky, some nice cloud, and very beautiful sceneries which were depict by fancy building, carnivals, tents, houses, and even some large statue in distance of the clouds. 

“It is beautiful architecture,” Ashish say.

But, as Ashish was looking around at people and architecture, he noticed lot of people were look at him in strange fashion, like they weren’t even used to seeing visitor or secret agents. Some white woman w/ her little kid son were walk by, and Ashish smile at them.

“Yo,” he say.

Little child was begin to cry, and mother was rush the two of them away. Ashish was confuse + anger due to fact that he was met w/ rudeness, and b/c white child reminded him lot of Todd, who was also insolent of a roommate and was bringer of lot of painful memory.

After mom + child left, Ashish noticed something else: in middle of air, there was some kind of flicker or light happen which was refracting natural sunlight and causing odd electrical disturbance to emanate from the same. Ashish was approach it, and noticed that when he looked closer, it was like looking through a window! Ashish brought his face up to the disturbance and peeked through it like it was keyhole in door of girl’s locker room to get a look inside.

Ashish saw inside tear, and saw himself sleeping inside some bedroom, which was locate in warehouse. Ashish recognized warehouse as belong to S-Konda, villain that he and Loosev used to do battle with various times in past. Ashish recalled various nights he used to spend in warehouse, and how it was disorient. It was from a time he didn’t even want to do again, and wasn’t even sure if he was seeing a dream, or nightmare, or something from the past or future…so he blinked.

Tear changed to new channel, and Ashish saw some handsome man w/ mustache typing at computer about everything Ashish was doing! Ashish was flabbergast, and blinked his eye couple of time, but then he saw something else through keyhole disturbance. He saw various kids sitting at computers, laptops, iPod, iPhone, droid + other mobile device, visiting + and reading story involving Ashish in Columbia, plus other story…! After reading story about Ashish, people were clapping and cheering! 

“Whoa,” Ashish say, stepping away from disturbance. “What’s it…”

Truly, Columbia was island of many secrets and mysteries that couldn’t even be explain.

“You look lost, young man,” a voice say. Was female.

Ashish turned around and saw an attractive woman who was a black. Ashish was not typically attract to black due to fact that in his culture, darker skin was associate w/ less desirous nature, but Ashish couldn’t even understand how beautiful she was! So exotic, w/ hair and nice body…

“Yo,” Ashish say to it. He pulled out comb and combed his hair a bit. “Am Ashish.”

“Don’t see too many of your kind around here. Indian, right?”

Ashish was amaze! Such a beautiful woman who was black was also very well educate! “How’s it?” Ashish ask. “What’s ur name?”

“Daisy,” girl said to Ashish. “Daisy Fitzroy. And you are?”

“Am Ashish,” Ashish tell her. “And I’m also the man of your dreams. If you follow me, you’ll be following your dreams…”

Ashish was proud of clever line he used for girl to hear it, and was hopeful that she would be impress and wish to court him at some point in future.

“Look, Ashish.”

“Yes, Daisy…” Ashish whispered her name, which was elegant like the flower after which she was named to bear a resemblance to the same.

“I don’t know how you got here, but after your little crash landing over there, things won’t stay quiet for long.”

“I need to save Elizbeth,” Ashish say. “And get back to the future…so that maybe I can save Bhuppi.”

“Well, between your spectacle back there, and the attack tomorrrow…The founders’ll have their hands full. That bastard Comstock won’t know what hit ‘em.”

“Comstock…” Ashish say. He recalled wise words of Loosev man in previous chapter, and knew he had to infiltrate to get close it. “You know him?”

“I used to work for him,” Daisy say to Ashish. She looked down at ground and thought about something for a second. Then she looked back at Ashish. “Asshole thinks he’s God’s gift. A prophet, something or other.”

Ashish was confuse. Profit was term typically designate in economical or business scenario involving financial gain, or scenario in which certain amount of money was cost to make something, but then when you go to sell the same, you charge customer larger sum of it in order to compensate for labor + services rendered. 

“He makes lot of money?” Ashish ask.

“Worse,” Daisy say. “He thinks he can see the future. And that son of bitch wants to enslave everyone else.” 

“Where can I find him?” Ashish say. 

“So you’re in,” Daisy say.

Ashish nod. 

“Good. Come to the pub in Finkton, 6 pm tonight. We meet in the basement at sunset,” she say. “And Ashish?” 

“Yes, Daisy?” 

“Don’t be late.”

Ashish listened to final statement of Daisy, and wonder if it was even some kind of a threat to speak it. Seconds after, Daisy ran away, and Ashish was excite. He was happy to have earned a date with such an exotic woman, especially if it was allow him to have opportunity to gain support to defeat Comstock and get closer to fulfilling objective, figuring out secrets to secret floating city of Columbia, and learning how to tip scales of social unrest that was plague the same.

He walked around city for a bit, taking photos on iPhone and uploading them to Facebook album ‘Columbia Trip’. He took photo of nice statue floating in different part of city, various works of architecture. He also took photos of himself w/ Handyman, who was sitting in corner of some alley, fearful of his own mechanical suit. Ashish was amaze of technological achievement of Handyman, which was obviously result of diligent engineering effort + various other trips to Home Depot and hardware store.

Handyman was appear to be sad, and was looking at his hands like it wasn’t even part of his natural body. Ashish didn’t know what’s wrong w/ it, but he decide to talk to Handyman and maybe make friend w/ it after taking some photo.

“Yo,” Ashish say to it. “Am looking for Comstock + Elizabeth. How do I get it.”

Handyman looked up at Ashish, and then looked back down at floor. He was just sit there and didn’t even want to do one thing. Ashish noticed bottle of beverage next to Handyman, and realize how thirsty he was! He didn’t even eat one thing since he got to Columbian!

“Can I have some?” Ashish ask.

Handyman looked down at bottle and then slide it over to Ashish w/ his hand. Ashish picked up bottle and read label, which say “Shock Jockey” on it. Ashish didn’t even know if it was new kind of energy drink or some kind of product which was indigenous to sub-population of Columbia, but he held bottle up to his lips and drank from it. It tasted like delicious fizzy soda, and energized Ashish to high degree. He drank entire bottle in one gulp!

Handyman was looking up at Ashish, and Ashish notice that chamber of his heart was beat very fast, which meant that Handyman was either excite or frighten.

“What is it,” Ashish say. “Why are you–”

Ashish stop speaking and drop the bottle to the ground, which cause it to shatter into lot of pieces. Ashish felt familiar tingle begin to capture his body, and was reminiscent of time in plane when Kevin Levine gave him shot in the back of the neck, granting him new fireball superpower. Ashish felt stronger, and felt all his nerve and skin cells tingle w/ lot of electron. Electronc was component of atom which revolved around nucleus, and was responsible for lot of energy transfer and motion on sub-atomic level. Ashish felt all this happened, and recalled various lessons of science class to explain the happenings of his own body.

Handyman was now getting very disturb, and he got up from floor. For first time, Ashish saw how tall’s it. Handyman was making emotional noise and becoming very anger. It was start to back away from Ashish, and cover his own ears like he didn’t even want to hear what’s happening around him in the world. 

“No…” Handyman say, running away to corner of alley.

“YO,” Ashish say, getting anger as well. Ashish followed Handyman to try to get him to calm down and maybe be friends w/ him. While viewing Handyman in repose, Ashish knew it was a kind and gentle soul capable of lot of good, especially due to fact it had such a generous and visible heart, but was become misunderstood and frustrate w/ the way it was treat in society for purposes of carnival show and public humiliation. Ashish heard of such experimentation being done on individual for sake of perfection throughout course of history. It was called eugenic, and it was a tragic thing to even think about doing it to someone else for purposes of scientific gain.

Handyman stopped running at end of alley when he realized he didn’t even have anywhere to even go to.

“I just want to be your friend,” Ashish say. “Without friendship, there is no future worth to even fight for it…”

“No…” Handyman say.

Ashish walk closer to try and pet it on shoulder. “It’s ohk,” Ashish say.

“No…” Handyman say, trying to get away from Ashish in corner. 

“Good boy,” Ashish say– 

“NOOO!” Handyman yell, and push Ashish away down to ground.

Ashish was amaze at force of Handyman. With just one push, he threw Ashish all the way across alley to the entrance of it. Handyman was now yelling, and very anger. And, he jumped so high into the air and was about to land on Ashish.

Because Ashish was special trained by both Loosev and Jones for high octane, high risk mission, he rolled out of way on reflex and sprang into martial artistic action. He felt new superpowers bubble to surface, and when Handyman swung his arm 2 hit Ashish, Ashish struck back with shock jock power to conduct electricity into metal body suit of handyman, since electricity was well conduct by various metal such as copper, iron, and various other transition metals from periodic table of element.

Ashish used thundershock like he saw in various video game and children television cartoon he knew Todd watched on Saturday morning, and all of sudden understood appeal and power of fictional creatures who used it, and why it was such an effective method of marketing product for children to buy in the form of film, television show, video game, and stuffed toy. 

Handyman was hit by the electrical surge of it, and was knock into nearby brick wall of alleyway. The metallic suit of Handyman caused impact crater to become ingrain into brick surface, damaging structural integrity of the same, and then, Handyman fell to ground, unable to move limbs due to shorting out of circuitry, which was a common principle Ashish learn when he used to be engineering student in some university long time ago, prior to joining service of Loosev Man.

Ashish walk up to Handyman, who was on ground on hands/knees, defeated and tired due to combination of high electrical voltage. 

“I’m sorry….” Handyman say. 

“No,” Ashish say, taking out nunchuk. He looked down at failed experiment of Handyman, who was a poor sufferer of eugenics and selfish biomechanical procedure to improve state of humanity at expense of free will and natural beauty. Handyman was become some bomination of nature, and Ashish blinked back some tear due to fact that it was a sad thing to see it. “I’m sorry this happened to you,” Ashish say.

“Kill me,” Handyman say. “Set me free.” 

“Ohk,” Ashish say.

Then, Ashish used nunchuk and hit Handyman over the head few times until he died.

After traumatic experience w/ Handyman was finish, Ashish began 2 wonder what other kind of unlawful experiment were going on in secret city of Columbia. Handyman was proof that such occurrences were devoidful of any kind of ethical moral alignment in the scientific group who designed it, and that things were progress in Columbia in manner which was separate from the moral fabric of society which was exist down below the clouds on continental shelves, mainland, and other areas which were much closer to sea level or some other altitude. Ashish was sadden at nature of city up here, and knew he had 2 free Elizabeth in order to get back to the future and maybe save Bhup.

Ashish walked around for a bit in Columbia, listening to music on his iPhone and listening to various street performers do rendition of popular song from YouTube as well. Ashish heard some group in nearby barbershop take break from cutting hair and shavings, and take few minutes to sing “Gangnam Style,” which was popular 2012 YouTube hit by Korean sensation that swept music charts in record time. Ashish was fond of the song b/c of significance it held during his prior mission to Dunwall during climactic fight against evil king’s men. As Ashish was listen to Gangnam Style and dance to the same, he notice that tempo of song was not properly match to the original of it. Tempo was commonly referred to as speed of song, and Ashish was become anger at unfaithful rendition of one of modern culture’s most prized songs. It was a sad thing to observe such traditions were not properly maintain in Columbia, so Ashish decide to leave current floating island to go to island which was commonly designate as Finkton.

Sun was begin to set as Ashish walk to the edge of the floating island he was on, to prepare to board onto skyline to take him to different part of Columbia: namely — Finkton. He was excite for date w/ exotic female Daisy. As he walked near edge to use nunchuk to hook onto skyline, he heard someone say:


Ashish turned around and saw bunch of white standing in group, unhappy to be looking at Ashish. They were wearing very proper, expensive garment, which likely cost great deal of money to make or buy. Ashish recognized faces they were making as they looked at him + color of his skin. There was five of them total of it, and few of them were holding baseball. 

“This ain’t your part of town, darkie!” one of them say, and throw ball at Ashish.

Ashish dodged the same, and looked over his shoulder as baseball flew over edge of island and bounced off balloon portion of some blimp that was fly around. Ashish looked up at other parts of sky and noticed some other blimp, dirigible, and other kind of aircraft going around. It truly was a beautiful day. Shameful of a thing to do for those guys to ruin it and make Ashish anger…

“All this technology and science,” Ashish say, feeling his hand warm up w/ fire. “And you guys just throw your balls!”

“Aw, look at that,” one of the men tell to Ashish + nearby white friends. “We got him upset. What’s the matter, little guy? You too good to play a little catch with the Founders?”

In the distance, Ashish saw tall tower where Elizbeth was supposedly sleep, waiting for strong man to rescue her. He also saw Booker climbing up tower to get to top. Ashish smiled, knowing that mission to rescue Elizbeth was go according to plan.

“If you like throwing balls,” Ashish say, smiling. “Maybe you will like this!”

Just then, Ashish unleashed fireball into group of 5 racist white gentlemen, and all five of the same went scatter into different direction due to force of flaming impact of it. Some baseballs went in different direction, and Ashish was proud of fact that he stood up for himself in such affluent of a part of Columbia where citizens were feel entitle to use racism and eugenics to experiment and degrade fellow humankind for betterment of just one echelon of society to advance w/o moral alignment. 

Explosion of fireball caused lot of commotion. Many bystanders were stand closeby w/ children, and were fearful of the scene they were watching.

“It’s the False Shepherd!” one man say to everyone. “Don’t let him get away!”

All of sudden, lot of cops and people were run toward Ashish to try to get him! Ashish also noticed older gentleman wearing blue sport coat w/ red + white pant, who was watching Ashish w/ lot of anger.

“Mr. Saltonstall, sir!” some man say. “That’s him. The shepherd!”

“The needs of our great city of Columbia,” Saltonstall say, “must come before the desires of any foreigner…”

“It is time to go,” Ashish say. 

He threw some more fireballs into crowd, killing various aggressor. When he was finish, he turned to ledge of island and jump off it, hooking nunchuk onto skyline to navigate to some new island in Columbian area. Ashish looked behind him and saw angry mob throwing vegetable, ball, and fruit basket at him, but they couldn’t even reach it. 

Ashish smile. “Maybe next time. Ha ha ha…”

Just then, few other people jumped onto sky-line in pursuit of Ashish, including some old citizen man who was previously speak to Saltonstall about Ashish. Ashish soon realize that Sky-line were like roads b/w various island in Columbia, used for transporting material, people, and other things. If he followed current sky-line he was on, it would take him to pub in Finkton where he could hide from Saltonstall forces. 

So, Ashish noticed that pursuers who were chase him were laughing and also shoot guns at him! Ashish fired few fireballs back at them and killed two out of three. Last remaining one was older man + friend of Saltonstall. 

Ashish finally reached new island area of Finkton and jumped off sky-line w/ nunchuk. When he was land, old man landed behind him.

“We don’t want any trouble, young man. Just come with us. Uncle Charlie won’t…” man was say, before unleashing flock of birds onto Ashish! “HURT YA!”

Ashish was disorient by sudden barrage of birds which were materialize around him. Guy who was named ‘Charlie’ was laughing and hitting Ashish w/ lot of birds, but then after few seconds, Ashish began to swing nunchuk and hit birds away. Then, he unleashed fireball onto Charlie and killed him w/ it. All around him, Ashish also smelled barbecue birds, which were likely to provide nourishment, since Ashish had not eaten in long time. So, Ashish picked up few birds and ate them. After, he walked up to burned corpse of Charlie, and noticed some bottle of liquid in his pocket. Ashish took it out and noticed it was another eugenic formula to offer Ashish to have some new powers. On it was picture of black bird.

So, Ashish drank the potion and felt some more tingle, and a new welcome addition to his arsenal: murder of crows!

After Ashish obtained new power, he looked up and saw that sun was almost set. In distance, he saw something that was cause him lot of distress! Large mechanical bird was flying into tower where Elizabeth was stay, and it was very anger! Ashish knew that Booker was still up there w/ Elizabeth, trying to protect from such an evil creature who would try to inflict some bodily harm.

“Yo!” Ashish yell. “Leave them alone!!” 

But the large mechanical bird didn’t even hear Ashish b/c it was too busy in pursuit of Booker + Elizabeth. Ashish knew he had to perform some kind of action to make distract for the bird to leave alone his friends. Most important thing was completion of mission objective, and Ashish hd 2 do it no matter what was even the cost of it. So, in attempt to make sacrificial decision, Ashish thought to use newfound ‘murder of crow’ power, which was an appropriate thing to do it b/c his target was bird. Crow was specific specie of bird often associate w/ ominous tendency, dark omen, and poor fortune. It was fitting that Ashish would channel power of crows–just like he channeled power of rats in secret isle of dunwall in previous mission–to aid his quest to save Elizabeth. As Ashish was begin to use his power, a woman walk up next to Ashish and say:

“It’s the Songbird! Don’t aggravate him or he’ll come down here!”

“I am sorry, but I have no choice,” Ashish say.

 As he say this, Ashish began to think of what Ken Levin say regarding choice, destiny, and future. He also thought of what Loosev said regarding choice, and how choosing certain course of action would cause ripple effect in history, and create different reality where different possibility would happen to create infinite types of it.

“No,” Ashish say to correct himself. “I do have choice. And I choose to attack and save my friends!”

Ashish let loose lot of crows toward Songbird to make it distract. Ashish shot many birds up into the sky, and directed all of them toward Songbird to get it to stop. Soon, all birds were pelt into Songbird and cause it minimal damage, but it was enough of a thing to do it to cause Songbird to become distract and anger w/ new aggressor, which was Ashish.

All of sudden, Songbird let out a large scream and was begin to fly toward Ashish! B/c of this, Booker and Elizabeth had chance to escape from tower.

Ashish now understood he had to leave current area and hide from Songbird before it was too late, and before Songbird ended his mission!

Ashish turned and was begin to run away, but he could heard Songbird behind him. It was screaming, and Ashish didn’t even know why it’s called song bird if it didn’t even make any music other than scream. Scream was type of vocal delivery that was commonly associate w/ certain type of music, but in nature, not many birds had ability to do scream, and Ashish was left to wonder if Songbird was also victim of unfortunate biomechanical engineering + eugenic experiment like Handyman, and other victim of Columbia. Ashish didn’t even know what’s it.

But, he saw an alleyway to turn into. Ashish run straight, and then when he got to the alleyway, he was set to turn right into it. Just as he did…he noticed some electrical disturbance in area, or “tear” as was commonly call in Columbia. Ashish turned corner and ran into tear, and before he knew it, he was transport to another reality.

He was sitting in basement of friend’s house, playing game of cards, having food and drink. Bhuppi was there, doing impression of famous actor from movie that was garner lot of enjoyment. Ashish was always laugh at comedic efforts of Bhuppi, and Ashish begin to cry since he missed Bhup so much. He was standing in basement of his friend’s house, and in middle of Bhuppi’s joke, everyone turned around to say hi to Ashish.

Bhuppi smiled at Ashish and ran up to him. Bhup looked at Ashish like he was seeing some ghost, and Ashish felt the same way, since he recently watched Bhup die by falling out of airplane while strapped to chair.

“Ashish,” Bhup say. “You…you can’t be alive, man.”

“Was going to say the same about you, Bhup.”

“There was an accident…years ago, Ashish. You didn’t even make it.”

Ashish was confuse by this, but all of sudden, memories he didn’t even know he had access to were flood into his brain. He saw event Bhup was talking about, the accident which cost him his life. He couldn’t see all details…just funeral + after party w/ some cake, pizza, and flowers.

“I hate to say it Bhuppi,” Ashish say. “But I can’t stay. I’m needed in another reality…and it makes me sad.” 

“Why, Ashish?”

“Because you died in that reality…and I could not save you, my friend.” 

Behind him, Ashish noticed tear in space-time was still open. It was getting smaller, and he only had short amount of time before it was close. 

“Well,” Bhup say. “I am sure you tried your best, man.” 

“I did,” Ashish say, w/ tear in his eye.

“Go, Ashish. Complete your mission. And thanks for coming by. It is meaningful of a thing to do it.”

Both Ashish and Bhup were about to shed tear, but Ashish made decision to leave.

“Ohk, Bhup.”

In reluctant manner of it, Ashish left basement party and stepped through tear in space time. He looked back at Bhuppi, who was wave to him from basement party w/ other individual. Tear was shrink now, and Ashish was sadden b/c he didn’t even know when/if he’d see Bhup again, or even how to do it. He was happy to get to see Bhup in such good condition + health, being happy despite sad circumstance which would cause many to lose faith in life, and maybe even give up hope for promising future filled w/ friends, fond memory, and quality cuisine. Bhup was having good time in other reality, and it was inspire Ashish to strive for the same. Seeing Bhup alive was allow Ashish to have new-found strength for Columbia mission, and when tear was finally close and Bhuppi was gone again, Ashish notice something else: Songbird was gone.

Air was quiet, and sun was set. Ashish was walk down alleyway and see entrance to pub. It had sign which say “Irish and Colored Only,” so Ashish walk into it. Bartender was look at Ashish, did nod movement w/ his head and allow Ashish to walk beyond current area. Ashish took stairs in back of room, and walked down to them, to a basement of it. As he was walk down to basement, he heard laughter and various other element indicative of activity with numerous individual. He immediately thought of Bhuppi in basement w/ his guests, doing celebrity impression and other comedic activity. Ashish smile at this and blink some tears for it.

More he think about it, more it was fade from his memory, like current reality wasn’t same as other reality, like it was some kind of dream to have at night and dissipate when you wake up from the same.

Ashish was reach bottom of stair, and was half-expect to see Bhup portraying movie celebrity w/ impersonations of it. Instead, he saw Daisy and her comrades.

“Just in time,” Daisy say, smiling. “Come. Sit.”

[This is Part 2 of my BioShock Infinite creative writing contest entry.]

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