Bioshock Infinite Story – Prologue [AWARD WINNER!]


Game of Skies: The Sea Is Not Even Clean Enough To Swim It

SPOILER WARNING: Story is contain lot of spoiler for game. Spoil is term often use to depict rotten progression of various food item such as milk, fruit, vegetable, produce, egg, granola bar, and some cheese.

Prologue: “Would You Fall From It Kindly: The Sky”

Ashish knew he was in a plane b/c of turbulent nature of it. He didn’t remember going to airport or some other place, and he couldn’t even remember boarding some plane. The last thing he remembered was sitting in living room w/ Bhuppi, his dear friend, and discussing fast cars, helicopter, and speedboats — which were material possessions to yearn for w/ the potential to have greater fortunes to obtain the same.

It was cargo airplane (also called “cargo plane” for a shorter term to refer to it). The cabin was quite voluminous and the turbulence was so bad. Turbulent flight was cause by difference in air pressure and wind resistance above/below wings, which would jostle aircraft and cause impact tremor to be felt by passenger until such a differential was correct and smoothen for it to stop doing it. Ashish spent much time in various aircraft w/ Loosev Man on various mission, but as he looked around large cabin, he didn’t even see flight attendant or other type of staff. In fact, he was tied to some chair!

“Hello, Ashish,” a man voice say. It was a familiar voice, nearby, coming from straight ahead in cabin of cargo plane.

“Yo,” Ashish say.

“If you didn’t wake up, I feared the future would be lost,” man tell to Ashish, walking closer from within shadows of cockpit, which was another area of plane designate for other kinds of flight control.

“The future…” Ashish say.

Ashish’s brain did rewind back to apartment w/ Bhuppi, before memory went dark and Ashish woke up in plane. He remembered receiving a phone call on iPhone, answering phone, and hearing a voice…

Tell me, Ashish… Can you fly?

The man’s footsteps were loud on metal floor. He walked closed until he was standing just few feet from position of Ashish. Ashish couldn’t even see his face since it was envelop by shadow. He was wearing blue jean, long sleeve dark t-shirt, shoe, and a nice wristwatch to tell what time’s it. Ashish could tell it was expensive which was likely to be purchase at department store at mall which was a premium place to do it.

Man was stand behind another chair, and sitting inside chair was some other person. Ashish looked through dark and had to wait few seconds for his eyes to adjust to it, since scientific explanation was responsible for why he couldn’t even see that good in dark areas.

Ashish looked around room of airplane. He blinked lot of times and soon, his eyes were adjust. He looked at nearby table and saw various items, including his iPhone, nunchuk, and bluetooth–arsenal of choice on various missions w/ Loosev and Jones. Already, Ashish was formulating plan for escape, and to make man pay for kidnapping him. Finally, he looked back at man, and at person in chair across from him. It was…

“Bhuppi!” Ashish yell. “Yo man, how’z it going!”

Bhuppi wasn’t even answer. He just sit there and didn’t do one thing. Ashish had shared previously many journeys and activities w/ Bhup, including recent trip to secret island of Dunwall in order to rescue whales and restore honor back to the name of the kingdom. But now…it was so different of a time. Bhuppi was usually always smile, but not now…

“YO!” Ashish say, kicking Bhup. “HOW IT’S GOING, MAN???”

Still, not even a thing to respond to it. Bhup was sit there without conscious.

Man was laugh, and Ashish was becoming very anger with him.

“Why did you do it,” Ashish say.

“I wouldn’t worry about him,” man say. “You’re the important one, Ashish.”

Ashish was struggle against ropes. “You don’t even know who I am, man…”

Man was snicker at Ashish. Snicker was common candy bar given to children for good behavior, but Ashish recently learn that it’s also word to describe laugh executed by a person who’s not a kind individual to really be interacting with.

Man walked out from behind Bhup and approached Ashish. Light from windows was flicker due to turbulence of plane, and light fixtures + natural light briefly did light on man’s face, which cause Ashish to see glimpse of man’s face. He saw white man w/ strong jaw bone, w/ brown hair and some beard…not a big one, but groomed in nice fashion which was depicting strong sense of fashion and masculinity.

“But I do, Ashish,” man say, walking closer. Ashish looked at man’s hand and saw glass bottle w/ strange liquid inside it.

“So who am I if you know so much about it,” Ashish say, grinning.

Man was now standing behind Ashish. He tell to Ashish: “The question you should be asking is: do you know me?”

“Who is it,” Ashish say. “Why are you doing it?”

Man placed hand on Ashish’s neck and took deep breath. Ashish didn’t even know what man’s doing back there, and knew he needed to get out of ropes to get back his weapons.

“I’m your master, Ashish. And you,” he said via whisper…

Just then, Ashish felt some needle go into his neck. Needle was often use in doctor’s office + other situation, particularly when some kind of unlawful experiment or biological introduction of some kind of pathogen or viral agent was use to infect someone or conduct some kind of experiment for it. Man then walked away from Ashish and dropped needle + bottle on floor. He then went to nearby bar area and poured himself some alcoholic beverage.

“…You hold the key to the future, Ashish. To my future. The one I’m planning for a family of people who understand the true meaning of perfection,” he say, raising glass to Ashish. “We all have dreams, Ashish. Some dream high, while others are content to waft through the trenches of society, festering on the boot heels of those who would walk all over them, begging for a morsel to eat or a dime to spend,” man said, taking sip of his alcoholic beverage which was often associate w/ loss of inhibition and poor judgment. “Some choose to pursue what they believe is possible. I chose the impossible. I chose…”

Man was continue to talk about things and Ashish didn’t even know what’s the meaning of it. He was begin to feel funny and sweat a bit, which was unfortunate since he took shower earlier in day. He tried to move out of ropes to get away from it, but harness was of industrial grade which could be purchase at Home Depot, which reminded Ashish of where he met his roommate Todd. Todd was insolent and misbehaved and came from poor white upbringing, much like man in airplane.

Ashish felt his veins tingle w/ life and new kinds of genetic material, traveling from the point of entry down his neck, arms, torso, legs, groin area, and even up to his brain which provided him w/ a deeper understanding of the meaning of what was to happen to him, and what kind of new parameters would govern his bodily functioning. He looked over at Bhuppi while man was still talking, walking around room drinking drink.

“Bhup…” Ashish whisper. He kicked Bhuppi in his shin. “Yo man, get up.”

Bhuppi groaned and finally woke up from it, and he looked around dark airplane and was confuse. He didn’t know where he was. Ashish smile due to warmth of being in company of close friend in perilous of a situation. As his eyes adjusted to darkness, Ashish noticed on nearby table his arsenal: nunchuk, iPhone + bluetooth.

“Ashish…?” Bhup ask while very confuse. “Where’s it?”

“Don’t worry, Bhup. I will get us out.”

Meanwhile, man was continuing speech w/ lot of energy:

“…Where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality…where the great would not be constrained by the small…and with the sweat of your brow–”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say. “But what does your mom call you by? What name is it.”

Man stopped talking and walking and just stared at Ashish. Ashish was begin to sweat now, and for some reason he was feel all parts of his body being tickle by something, and it was make him laugh!

“Ha ha ha…” Ashish say. “What is your name, man?? Ha ha ha…You don’t even ha-have one…ha ha ha!”

Man took final sip of his beverage and dropped it to floor. He smiled at Ashish.

“My name…” man say.

“What’s it,” Ashish tell him. His skin felt on fire, like it was volcano about to erupt on town like in movie Volcano starring Tommy Lee Jones actor, who was inspiration for dear friend of Ashish: Jones, who was similar a movie hero + secret agent who helped him on mission, especially to recent mission toward secret isle of Dunwall by driving helicopter at opportune moment.

“My name is Ken Levine,” the man in the airplane told to Ashish in the chair of it.

“Ohhh, ok,” Ashish say. “Will remember it.”

All of sudden, Ashish got huge surge of energy from needle that was stuck into him, and his skin was suddenly on fire with flame + molten rock. Ashish was at first fearful of the same, but then he realize it didn’t even hurt him at all, and that he could use his power to do lot of things, like attack aggressors, bad guys, etc. He broke free from harnesses in chair and shot fireball on either side of him, poking holes in plane which caused pressure loss + some wind to get in.

Emergency lights were begin to flash.

“What the hell’s going on back there?” pilot said from cockpit area.

Ashish unleashed fireball at cockpit and killed pilot. All of sudden, plane became more turbulent as hydraulic and avionic capability of the craft were being thrown out of sort, and plane was begin to plummet, which was a sensible thing to happen according to proven laws of physics and universe.

“Yes,” Ken Leven say. “Become what you were meant to be, Ashish.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say.

Ken Leven was hit w/ fireball and was knocked into compartment of plane that was used for loading/unloading, which contained loading ramp that led to rear of plane. Ashish pressed button, and access panel in back opened, exposing back of plane to the skies. Wind was blow a lot, indicative of not only high altitude but also spinning plane that was going out of control. Ken Leven was holding on to edge of back ramp, about to fall out of plane, when Ashish walk up to him.

“It looks like you are the victim of your own dirty game,” Ashish tell to him. “How would you like to play a game of skies, Mr. Levon?”

Ashish smiled at his clever line, since it was indicative of current environment: namely, that plane was flying/tumbling through sky, and that if someone was fall out of it, they would twirling and in sky. Since KL loved to play games…now table was turn on him to do the same.

Ashish look down at Kent Leviance and studied his face for a bit. He looked at his beard, which was a prominent component of various masculine figure throughout history. Ashish wondered if he should grow beard or continue to depict mustache, which was the sign of a true gentleman.

“This game,” KL say. “It’s only just beginning.”

Ashish prepared one more fireball, but before he could do it, Ken Laven smiled up at Ashish and let go of the edge of the plane, and fell down into the sky, to never even be seen to do it again.

Ashish watched as KL was defeat, not even knowing why he was so crazy or what’s it for. KL appeared to be very troubled, and Ashish wanted for him to do well in life.

“Follow ur dreams,” Ashish say.

Then, plane was begin to jostle and tear apart due to weakness in structural integrity resulting from fireballs, destroyed cockpit, and other kind of damage.

“Thirty seconds to cabin explosion,” automated voice say.


Ashish turned to see Bhup still tied to chair. Bhup grabbed Ashish’s arsenal from the nearby table. Ashish smiled at how thoughtful of a friend he was lucky to have in Bhuppi, for this gesture.

“Ashish! I got them! Come on, get me out of here!”

“Bhuppi, hold on!” Ashish tell him. “I’ll do it man. I’ll get you out.”

Ashish ran over to Bhuppi, but plane was bumping and spinning all around and it was become difficult to really do it w/ good efficiency and poise. Ashish fell couple of times, but he got up to get to Bhuppi, b/c Bhup was dear friend of his who deserved a wonderful and prosperous life. Bhuppi had recently been through lot of heartbreak due to recent death of his wife-to-be: Ekta, due to tragedy on Bachelor gameshow when other contestants knocked Ekta off of roof of beach estate and killed her by accident.

“Twenty seconds to cabin explosion,” automatic voice say.

“Bhup, hold on to–”

Just then, plane was jostle again, and this time, floor of cabin was tearing apart! The chair that Bhuppi was sit in was crumble and lose integrity, and all of sudden, Bhup + chair were being knocked into air, ready to head out of rear opening in plane! Ashish saw all of it happen in slow motion like in popular action movie ‘Matrix,’ which starred many fine celebrity w/ good skill in martial art combat. Slowly…Bhup was being sucked out of airplane, strapped to chair, and holding onto nunchuk, iPhone, and bluetooth headset for iPhone. Ashish watched and was very frighten of prospect of losing such a dear friend to unfortunate circumstance. Ashish was run toward the edge of the plane against all turbulence, and when Bhup got to end, the rip he was tied to was snag onto edge of cargo ramp.

“Ashish!” Bhuppi say, holding out his hand which was contain iPhone, nunchuk + bluetooth. “Take these!”

Ashish didn’t even know why it’s called bluetooth since tooth was commonly found in mouth, and bluetooth goes in ear, but he decide it wasn’t even an appropriate time to think about naming convention of various electronic product. Ashish took items from Bhuppi, tucking nunchuk into his belt, bluetooh in his ear, and phone in pocket.

Plane then shook again from mini explosion. Rope began to loosen from edge of ramp, and Bhuppi was slipping!

“Ashish!” Bhup say.

“Ten seconds to cabin explosion…”

“Bhup, I can’t even know what to do. We’re both doom,” Ashish say, as he begin to cry. He wanted to save Bhup, but w/ impending explosion, he didn’t even know how to do it.

“Ashish, listen to me!” Bhup say. “This is your mission. I know you’re scared, but you have to jump, man!”

“Oh,” Ashish say. “Yo man it’s too high.”

“There’s a city below us, Ashish! A floating city!”


“Trust me, man. You have superpowers now. Use them…”

“How do you know this, Bhup??” Ashish ask him.

“There’s no time, Ashish…”

“Five seconds…”

“Good luck, my friend…”

And with this statement, Bhup let go of the rope and fell out of the plane!

Time was operate in slow motion again. Mission? Super power? Floating city in the sky? Bhup dead? Ken Logan? Ashish didn’t even know what to do, but he trusted Bhup since he had long history of destinous friendship w/ him. He felt the fire in his body grant him lot of power, and w/ his arsenal in his pocket and bluetooth in his ear, he knew what he had to do. Ashish took few steps back, ran toward back of plane….and jumped out of the same!

Seconds later, looking up, Ashish saw cargo plane explode above him, showering down fragment and debris w/ flame charred edges and various other foreign object. Ashish smile at this appropriate expression ‘foreign object’ since it was also indicate of aircraft assembly w/ manufactured parts from foreign country, which doubled as appropriate expression.

Ashish turned his body around and began to use fireball technique to deflect various piece of debris which were approach him. As he looked up at smoldering rubble of plane which was continue to fall, he noticed few more pieces break off…but these were not debris! Ashish watched as these fragment were zig-zag and fly in erratic pattern, which was indicate of some kind of programming or human-made manufacturing craftsmanship. W/ wind blowing all over the place, Ashish watched as the tiny drones turned and started to fly quickly to Ashish.

“Oh, man,” Ashish say. He quickly turned around and began to dive bomb down into clouds.

As he was free fall, in the distance, Ashish saw spinning chair w/ Bhuppi in it disappear beneath the clouds in some different direction. Ashish was sadful to see it happen, but he knew Bhup wanted him to survive to live on, find new fulfillment in life, achieve mission, and maybe meet pretty girls to share life + happiness with.

Whatever wishes and dreams for Bhuppi Ashish had was eliminate by new reality of drones shooting at him! Ashish began to dodge bullets in clouds, doing zig-zag and various other evasive maneuver to make it a good escape. As Ashish penetrated through some more cloud, he was surprise by what he saw! A floating city of vast architecture and impressive technologies! Ashish didn’t even know what’s the science explanation to make him believe it wasn’t even a fairy tale, but it was all in front of him!

“Wow,” Ashish say. “It is a true scientific accomplishment.”

Just then, Ashish heard his phone ring. He pressed button on bluetooth to answer it.

“Yo,” Ashish say, falling and getting closer to city. He could see green grass, balloon, carnival, and some nice paintings and metal roller coaster ramps going all around floating city. On phone, he heard familiar voice of Loosev Man, his dear friend, mentor, and father figure!

“Ashish, you’re alive.”

“Loosev!” Ashish say, dodging bullet. “Man I’m busy now”

“We’ve been trying to reach you for hours. Your comm signal went dark.”

“Yo man I was in a plane,” Ashish tell him. “I was given super power by Kevin. I jumped out of the plane, though, man and now am being chase by drone as I fall to skyful city.”

“You’re free-falling into Columbia right now. You need to use your powers to slow your fall, Ashish. It’s the only way you’ll survive.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish tell him. As he say this, he dropped by some buildings where residents were enjoying meal of breakfast. Ashish pointed his arm at them and manage to steal bowl of cereal from them. He used spoon and was eating while fall, but cereal + milk was go everywhere! Ashish was sadden at this, since nourishment was important aspect of staying in good shapes, and b/c his new power had limitation by scientific law of physic. Plus, also the sacred nature of milk beverage was often overlooked by society, and Ashish was determine to portray it as life-giving element without which anyone could even operate machinery, do sport, or even automobile.

“Ashish, there’s something you need to know about Columbia.”

Just then, as Ashish was approach buildings and was flying around them, drones were doing the same and shoot! Ashish dodged around various building like in Iron Man movie. He turned around and fired various fireballs at drones. He killed three out of four of them, and then turned back around to continue flying down to main area of Columbine.

“Columbia’s plagued by tears, Ashish.”

“Yo like crying, Loosev? Is it sad?”

“No, Ashish. Tears. Rips in the fabric of space-time. It’s how we’re able to communicate with you from your reality.”

“Hehehe,” Ashish say. “Yo man you have to take it to tailor to fix it w/ sewing equipment.”

Up ahead, Ashish saw various rollercoaster lines which were stretch around perimeter of city. He saw it to be good method of transport if he had proper technology…which he fortunately did! Ashish took out nunchuk from his utility belt, and as he approached, he swung nunchuk over the rail of it, hooked it around, and held onto both handle w/ one hand! It was like a maneuver out of action movie featuring Jones, and Ashish was swinging down skyline!

Drone shot few more bullets, and now Ashish was anger.

“I am tired of it,” Ashish say.

He turned around, fired fireball and killed the drone. He continued to swing down zipline, and in distance, he saw some carnival happening.

“Ashish,” Loosev say into bluetooth. “Every choice you make results in a new universe being created. Alternate realities that represent the infinite possibilities of the choices you decide. There’s an instability surrounding Columbia, one that’s causing all these realities to overlap, and we believe Elizabeth is the source of all this.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish tell him. “Yo what’s Elizbeth.”

“Your mission is to find her, Ashish. You need to set things right in Columbia, or your future will be lost.”

“It is time travel…” Ashish say. He recalled watching popular movies involving adventurous teenager, bully, and brilliant doctor on DVD player at home called “Back 2 the Future.” It was an award-winning series which was now having real-world ramification in secret city of Columbia.

“Yes, Ashish. Elizabeth is the key,” he told to Ashish. “She’s more capable than she looks, and we need to take the necessary steps to neutralize Comstock. Befriend him, fight him–whatever you need to do. Get close to him and finish the job. We need Elizabeth or everything is lost.”

Ashish didn’t even know what’s Comstock, but trusted advice of Loosev, who was his dear friend on many missions.

“Ohk,” Ashish say. “I will save her…and get back to the future.”

Loosev was continue to talk: “We have intel that Booker Dewitt has been contracted to rescue Elizabeth as well. He’s a key player in this, and it’s imperative that you do not interact with him. You cannot interfere with his job. He may look like an outsider, but he’s just as key to this as Elizabeth. I’m sending the intel to your phone. Check it out as soon as possible.”

“Ohk, Loosev. Thx man, will call u back.”

Ashish then hung up phone and was continue to swing down skyline. He was approach to the carnival, and saw that various people were holding baseball. Baseball was sport commonly played by various athlete in America, Asian area, and some other places. It was involve hitting ball and to throw it, and then see who gets to base before scoring points to the dugout. Ashish approached carnival and he see two people on stage, one black and one white. They were stand together in harmony which was testament to forward-thinking principles of progress, romantic entanglement, and social order. But, Ashish also know that culture scene in black/white society was tarnish which was result of poor upbringing, and often indicate of loose moral alignment, questionable virtue, and some disease.

In carnival, Ashish saw man in crowd about to throw baseball at person on stage, but then cops detained the man in the crowd for some reason! Ashish checked intel on his phone and saw that man in crowd was resemble Booker DeWitt! Since Ashish had strong moral conviction and b/c Booker was goodguy, Ashish unhooked himself from skyline just as cops were about to hit Booker with rotating hook device. Ashish shot couple of fireballs down into crowd, hitting various people, and then landed on one of cops and hit him w/ nunchuk, killing him.

When it was all over, Ashish was on ground next to Booker Do It.

“Yo,” Ashish say. “How’z it going man.”

Booker was stand up. He brushed dirt off him. “Appreciate the save,” Booker say. “Somehow you don’t strike me as a local. Want to tell me your name?”

Ashish stand up tall in front of Booker. He put nunchuk in his pocket, and looked down at his own hand and saw wound which was inflict during his descent to Columbia. Looking close, Ashish notice that wound was inflict from drone shrapnel, which carved mark which resembled letters ‘ad’ on his hand. Looking down at hand of Booker, Ashish noticed letters ‘AD’ on hand of Booker.

In distance, Ashish and Booker watched as flaming exploded cargo plane from earlier was plummet down into clouds below.

“Am Ashish,” Ashish say to him. “And I have to get back to the future…”

[This is Part 1 of my BioShock Infinite creative writing contest entry.]

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