Bioshock Infinite Story – Section 3 [AWARD WINNER!]


Game of Skies: The Sea Is Not Even Clean Enough To Swim It

SPOILER WARNING: Story is contain lot of spoiler for game. Spoil is term often use to depict rotten progression of various food item such as milk, fruit, vegetable, produce, egg, granola bar, and some cheese.

Section 3: Back to the Future of the Same”

“What do you mean, Booker Do It is dead??” Ashish ask.

Ashish was flabbergast. It was only moments ago that he had distracted Songbird w/ goal of letting Elizabeth and Booker go free in order to complete mission, and now Daisy was inform him that Booker was dead of a man to call it?

“He died a hero, Ashish. A martyr for the Vox Populi.”

“Hehehe,” Ashish say. ‘Vox populi’ was silly name to Ashish, and was cause him to laugh at it b/c it was remind him of chicken pox. Ashish looked around room of basement, and notice that there were lot of crates full of gun, ammo, and explosive.

“What’s so funny?” Daisy ask him. She was begin to get frustrate, Ashish could see, and he needed to be careful if he was hope 2 get date w/ her.

“Nothing, Daisy. What’s all the weapons for? You know I will protect you, my dear…”

“Save it.”

“Ohk,” Ashish say. Still, he couldn’t believe Booker’s dead…or what happened to Elizabeth, even…

“We’re gonna raid Comstock’s airship and send his ass straight to hell. Religious guy like him wants to be close to God? Well, I’m gonna send him and everyone last goddamn one of those Founders the other way. It’s time they know who they’re fucking with.”

Ashish was surprise by sudden use of profane language on behalf of Daisy. Foul language was commonly use by people with poor temper, poor upbringing, and who had habit of making bad choice in life. Profanity was unbecoming of such beautiful lady, and Ashish was not happy to learn of this new development from within the object of his affections in secret city of Columbia. Something about Daisy was different, like she was different person than she was before.

“Ur cute when ur angry,” Ashish say, touching locket of hair on Daisy’s head.

“Are you with us, Ashish?”

“Yea ok,” Ashish say. “Will use my powers to do it.”

“Good boy,” Daisy say. “First step is to take over this town. We gotta take out Fink and rally the people in this area.”

Ashish found it disrespectful of a thing to say it when Daisy refer to him as “boy,” b/c it was indicate of lack of respect on behalf of Daisy, like she didn’t even like to have him around in romantic capacity, or what. Still, Ashish knew it was tense time of emotional situation, and that he had to be by side of Daisy through thick and thin, which was expression commonly use to depict difficult time and not difficult time.

“Who’s it,” Ashish say.

“Fink runs this part of town. He also runs those carnivals where people get to chuck baseballs at people for the color of their skin.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish, recalling previous encounter w/ Booker at carnival involving baseball and fight w/ police officers.

“You ready, Ashish?”

“Am,” Ashish say.

After that, Ashish + vox left basement of bar and went to go to house of Jeremiah Fink. As Ashish was walk around Finkton, he was notice that is was area of impoverish citizens who were not even fortunate to be able to buy things such as grocery, suitable clothing, toys, dvd, or even some sport equipment.

“It is a shame,” Ashish say. He didn’t even like to see the way surroundings had become in such slummy environment b/c of people like Fink who decide to put common people own instead of rally together for making benefit of greater good to come of it.

“Not for long,” Daisy say.

Ashish and Daisy finally get to Fink’s house, and they bust down the door. Fink had lot of guards blocking entry foyer to his residence, so Ashish + vox had to get busy fighting off guards. There was lot of shooting on both sides…but Ashish did not need guns. He felt his arms and legs tingle, and started to alternate shooting both fireball and bolt of electricity in all sort of direction to inflict maximal levels of damage to strike force of Jeremiah Fink. Combined w/ all the shooting being done by vox + Daisy, vox were quickly winning.

“This fight’s ours!” Daisy yelled over gunfire. She was smiling, laugh, and also shoot at Fink’s guards, and Ashish realize how exotic and wild and sexy she look while in her element, killing lot of people. While Ashish was zap and blaze enemies, he noticed how Daisy move in slow motion as he watch her. Ashish decided if this was truly a woman to marry, one who enjoyed killing vs. one who had to kill out of necessity and for just cause. Daisy seemed to be fighting for just cause…but it was also seem to be an apparent thing that she was letting power of guns and violence affect her in negative fashion, which was cause her to do questionable things to people, like shooting dead bodies multiple time, throwing explosive, and laughing about the same.

Time sped back up, and fight was proceed normally, until at a final point, all of Fink guards were dead.

“Vox populi!” Daisy yell, and so did remaining vox.

Ashish looked around and noticed that lot of vox were also killed. Ashish was sadden by all the violence, even though he was a willful participant of the same. He looked around at battlefield, and for first time since he arrived in Columbia, he didn’t even know why he was fighting or even helping to do it. He forgot that real reason he was here was to save Elizabeth and get back to the future, not to fight alongside girl like Daisy who enjoyed doing it.

“I can’t do this w/ you anymore, Daisy,” Ashish say. “I’m sorry.”

“You belong with us, Ashish. Look at you. No one here will accept you.”

“It is untrue of a statement to make it,” Ashish say. “Booker and Elizabeth. They are my friend.”

“Booker’s dead,” Daisy say.

“May be!” Ashish say. “And may be not even…”

“I don’t have time for this,” Daisy say.

“Make time,” a man voice say.

Ashish turned around to corner of room and saw two people he was so happy to see: Booker “Do It” + Elizabeth. He was happy to see they were safe, and knew it was a true thought to think it that they could not possibly be dead.

“No,” Daisy say. “It’s a trick. It’s an impostor! Kill him!” she yelled, instructing vox populi to attacker Booker.

“No!” Ashish say, using fireball + electricity + natural murderous flock of crow to attack vox and neutralize their force.

Meanwhile, Daisy was flee from foyer, toward other end of the house where Jeremiah Fink was reside. She disappeared into next room, and Ashish turned to Booker + Elizabeth.

“Am glad you are among the living,” Ashish say to them. “I heard…”

“I know,” Booker said. “You spend enough time with Elizabeth here and you get used to bad news.”

Ashish look at Elizabeth, and for first time since his arrival in secret floating city of Columbia, he was expose to her charming, Disney-like beauty in the flesh. He became excite, and was all of a sudden remind of the true nature of his objective: to rescue Elizabeth, get back to future, and ask her out on date. Ashish was genuflect on one knee, and took hand of Elizabeth. He kissed it and bowed his head.

“It does my heart destinous wonders to see you are safe, too.”

“Who are you?” Elizabeth ask to him.

“Am Ashish,” Ashish say. “And I am here to–”

Just as Ashish was say it, part of nearby wall was blast open! A large figure emerged from the hole in the wall, and Ashish was flabbergast at how it resembled old historical figure of former President of United State who was feature on five-dollar bill: Abram Lincoln. Large figure was appear to be a robot, similar in construction to Terminator maybe, with tall stature, metallic body, and most important of all: desire to kill heroes such as Ashish and Booker.

“YOU SHOULD NOT RUN IF YOU ARE NOT GUILTY…” was audio that was emanate from motorized patriot Lincoln.

Ashish noticed that motor patriot had big gun it was holding, and after few seconds, it was begin to shoot! It was begin to walk and shoot throughout room, and few vox were get killed by such action.

Ashish took cover w/ Booker and Elizabeth.

“Go,” Ashish say. “You have to follow Daisy. She’s gone crazy and wants to kill everyone.”

“She’s got something in common with our friend here,” Booker say, peeking over top of barricade to see motor patriot.

“I’ll distract,” Ashish say. “I have special power,” he say, winking at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was appear disgust but say, “Okay fine. Let’s go, Booker.”

“Good,” Ashish say. “On my count. 1…2 of it….and 3!”

Ashish got up from where he was hide and began to use all of his powers against motorize patriot. He looked into his eyes and notice a distant sadness that was hidden in the mask of the face of it. He was using electricity and fireball on it, and even some crows, but the Gun of the Patriot was too strong to get by. Ashish then began to target the gears of the motor patriot, and saw this was working! He was running around room, using more and more fireball, and then finally…Motorized Patriot was fall down on ground.

Ashish was proud of such an accomplishment, and was glad that such a threat had finished without injury to himself or to his dear friends. He noticed that Booker and Elizabeth were flee to room that Daisy was go to. Ashish ran after them to go follow it, and when he got to next room, he was surprise by what he was to see:

Daisy had killed Jeremiah Fink. Ashish was now convince that Daisy was too wild and crazy of an exotic female and much more like a Femme Fatale who would try to kill lot more of people before she was satisfy by her desire for power + other emotional superiority over other individual. One other thing that Ashish saw that was make him disgust, was that she was holding hostage a young boy! Just a kid!

Ashish thought of many times in his apartment when living with Todd, who was so small of a white child, that he would become frustrate with the boy. Todd would always behave in insolent manner and cause headache for Ashish. No matter how many fight he would do w/ Todd, or how frustrate or anger he would get…he never even thought of even doing such a thing to Todd where it would hurt him. Watching Daisy about to hurt such a small boy…he knew that the mind of Daisy was truly too lost of a thing to ever find it.

“Daisy! Don’t even do it!” Ashish yell. He looked over and saw Booker, who was similarly disgust w/ actions of Daisy.

But, Ashish didn’t even see where’s Elizabeth.

“Psst,” Ashish whisper to Booker. “Where’s it.”

Booker didn’t even look back at Ashish. Instead, he looked up at air vent above Daisy. Air vent was common installation in various building which, if use properly, was contribute to proper convection of air flow throughout structure to allow for improved quality of breath, ventilation, heat, cold, and some oxygen so that it could be reach to various tissues inside of body which were benefit from oxygen-rich hemoglobin.

Air vent above Daisy was open in quiet manner, and inside of it, Ashish saw as Elizabeth was emerge from the same. Ashish smile as he watched her descend from vent, behind Daisy. Looking more closely, Ashish was watch as Elizabeth was wield scissor. Elizabeth walked up behind Daisy, took out scissor and…

“Oohhhhhhhh!” Ashish say……

Elizabeth then stab Daisy through the back w/ the scissor, causing irreparable damage to body structure of Daisy, which was cause lot of blood to come out, impeding flow to organs, extremity, as well as ability to properly breathe and heal from the same. Ashish was sadden to continue to see lot of violence happening to people he knew in city of Columbia, but on other hand, he was happy to see that one child was spared from such tumultuous of a war that was develop b/w the Voxes and the Founders.

W/ Daisy dead, Elizabeth returned to Booker and Ashish.

“We still gotta get to Comstock,” Booker tell to them. “The airship. Come on.”

“Ohk,” Ashish say. “You two get on it. I will stay behind and wait for you to do it.”

“After all you’ve done? We need you,” Elizabeth tell to him.

Ashish smiled at thought of Elizabeth expressing desire for Ashish, but he was think back to mission briefing w/ Loosev during initial drop into Columbia after diving out of plane from Ken Levince. Loosev warned him to allow Booker to do his own job, and to not even interfere too closely with it. At this point in his adventurous mission, Ashish had done many things to interfere, but w/ various tears in space-time continuum due to unstable nature of Columbia + increased Tear activity from Elizabeth, Ashish didn’t even know if he could control it anymore. He had choices to make, and he needed to let Booker do his job, and not get in the way of it.

“I’m sorry, my dear Elizabeth,” Ashish say. “Go now. This is not my fight.”

Booker was look at Ashish, and then at Elizabeth. “Come on,” Booker say. “He’s made up his mind. Let’s go.”

With that, Booker took Elizabeth away from Ashish, but not before the two of them shared a destinous look of longing and love toward one another. Ashish smile at this, and watched as Book + Liz boarded airship to go visit Comstock. Ashish had to figure out new way of helping his friends w/o interfere in their destinies…but how could he even do such a thing when every choice he was make would bring him closer to them? Ashish didn’t even know.

He watched as the airship was fly away into the night. But then! Ashish was knock over by large shock wave and big scream that follow. He looked up at airship and saw that large metallic figure from earlier, which was almost claim his life: The Songbird.

Songbird was back in action, and very anger at the escape of Elizabeth + Booker. It was fly after them to retrieve Elizabeth and complete its own mission objective. Ashish watched as airship was knock into by Songbird, and when Songbird was break into ship to get Elizabeth. Ashish was hear screams coming from ship, and he recognized voice of Elizabeth. Couple seconds later, Songbird was scream into the air and fly away from ship due to fact that it successful had recaptured Elizabeth!

“No…” Ashish say. He was worry about Elizabeth, and Booker, and fate of future.

Ashish watched trajectory of Songbird as it was fly away, but as he was pursue, he stumbled into another Tear disturbance in space-time. He walked into it, and he saw some old lady. She was very resemble to Elizabeth, with similar facial feature, missing pinky finger, plus other attractive feature. Ashish was watch elderly Elizabeth from distance, and saw she was speak to Booker. Elizabeth give to Booker something, but Ashish couldn’t even see what’s it.

All around him, Ashish watched as Columbia was shoot down weapons of mass destruction planet Earth below. Ashish was disgust with this, and didn’t even know why Elizabeth would allow such a thing to happen to it, due to fact that she had good heart and beautious soul.

Before Ashish knew it, Booker was disappear! Ashish then walk up to Elizabeth and talk to her.

“Why is this happen?” he ask her.

“Ashish…” she say.


“This isn’t your future, Ashish. You never should’ve come,” she told him.

“But I’m here now. And I need to get back,” Ashish say. “Back to the future.”

“But not this future.”

“How do I fix it,” Ashish ask her. “I want to save Bhuppi and go home. How do I bring him back?”

“You don’t,” Elizabeth say. “You prevent yourselves from coming here. Killing Comstock, or anyone else, won’t matter if you keep coming here. Your friend will still be dead.”

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say, becoming sadden. He thought of airplane w/ Bhuppi and Kain Lavin, and every scenario which was involve the destruction of the plane, and the death of Bhup. Even if plane wasn’t destroy, KL would dominate and manipulate Ashish into having superpower and using the same for vengeful purpose.

“Look,” Elizabeth say. She opened a tear within current tear, which was similar to what Ashish saw in popular movie called ‘Inception,’ which was starring various celebrity involving dream, hidden desire, secret code, espionage, and men w/ gun trying to shoot good guy. Inside tear was Ken Levine, man from earlier who had caused all of it to happen.

“It is him,” Ashish say.

“Even if this man is dead in your reality now,” Elizabeth say, “and your friend…there is a reality where none of this comes to pass. For either of you.”

“Where’s it,” Ashish say, becoming excite. If there was possibility to get back to the future w/ Bhup, he wanted to do it.

“You have to die, Ashish.”

“Yo,” Ashish say. “It isn’t funny, man. If I die, how will I do it.”

Ashish was confuse by time travel due to fact that it contained lot of inherent paradox, and simultaneous reality which were difficult for him to even do comprehension of it. Even when watching Back 2 Future movie, Ashish was confuse in sequel when there was two of Marty doing different things, such as challenging bully, going to dance, singing song on stage, and evading capture.

“If you die at a certain point in time, all these realities stop,” Elizabeth tell him.

“Ohhh, ok,” Ashish say. “I’ll do it.”

“Good luck, young man.”

Ashish was happy at being called ‘man’ due to fact that at previous point, Daisy called him ‘boy,’ which was rude of a connotation to use it. Smiling, Ashish stepped back through Tear in space-time continuum and returned to Columbia he previously knew. When he entered through it again, he came back just in time to see Booker kill Comstock!

“Wow!” Ashish say, smiling. “Good job, man. Way to go, you did it.”

Ashish was clap and whistle for Booker, who finally accomplished his mission after much difficulty evading Songbird, vox troop, various eugenic enhanced monster in Columbia, and hardship involving space-time travels. Ashish was smile and ran up to Booker and gave him pat on back.

“You are true of a hero to be called one,” Ashish told to him.

“Now all I have to do is kill the Comstocks in all the other realities. Three cheers for us,” Booker say. “Right, Elizabeth?”

“No,” Elizabeth say. “Every choice you make creates infinite realities, Booker. In every reality where you’re alive, Comstock rises to power here.”

“Yo, where’s Comstock,” Ashish say.

Booker sat down in chair. He looked up at Elizabeth and nodded.

“Where’s it,” Ashish say.

“He’s right here, kid,” Booker tell him. “You’re looking at him.”

Ashish was confuse due to fact that Comstock was old man who was just now killed by Booker, but now Booker was try to explain that Booker was also Comstock?

“It’s the only way, Booker,” Elizabeth told to him.

“You’re right,” Booker say. “I’m ready.”

Just then, Elizabeth opened up some Tear. She took Booker through it and left Ashish where he was. Couple seconds later, Ashish was jostle around as reality around him was begin to change. Columbia itself was change all around him and time was move backward! All memories of Columbia were travel backward–all the fights w/ eugenic monster, police force, Songbird…all of it.

Finally, he was taken back to cargo plane w/ Kendrick Lavigne was talk to him about destiny and inject him w/ needle. Ashish was feel his body tingle. Bhup was sitting in chair, tied up to it, and so was Ashish. Plane turbulence was a familiar thing to feel it in sky.

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say. “But what does your mom call you by? What name is it.”

Ashish waited for him to answer and was smile while wait for it.

“…My name is Ken Levine,” the man in the airplane told to Ashish in the chair of it.

“Good,” Ashish say, breaking free from his chair via use of fireball.

“Yes,” Kenneth tell him. “Do what you were destined to do, Ashish. Destroy me. Go to Columbia.”

Ashish took nunchuk off of table and was walk toward Levon, who was back away into a wall.

“Make the future a reality,” he told to Ashish. “Make me proud–”

Ashish swing nunchuk and hit KL in the testicles, knocking him to his knees.

“We are the deciders of our own destiny,” Ashish say, readying his fireballs. Instead of aiming for the walls or door, he aimed it at himself. After speaking w/ Elizabeth in other reality, he knew what he was have to do.

“No,” Ken Levine say. “You wouldn’t.”

Ashish looked over at Bhup, who was tied up in chair, still without even conscious. He looked back at the man who brought him here, who would wish to destinously turn him into some harbinger of doom over the islands of Columbia, and even the rest of the world.

“For my world…for my friends…for my destiny…” Ashish say.

“No…” Levine say.

“I’ll do it,” Ashish say.

Ashish used fireball on himself. He felt his body grow warm as his body was cook like barbecue. Ken Levine was scream a lot, trying to get Ashish to stop. Last thing Ashish was see before it all went to darkness, was Bhuppi sitting up in chair, watching as his best friend cooked himself alive in cargo plane….

[This is Part 3 of my BioShock Infinite creative writing contest entry.]

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