Bioshock Infinite Story – Epilogue [AWARD WINNER!]


Game of Skies: The Sea Is Not Even Clean Enough To Swim It

SPOILER WARNING: Story is contain lot of spoiler for game. Spoil is term often use to depict rotten progression of various food item such as milk, fruit, vegetable, produce, egg, granola bar, and some cheese.

Epilogue: “Would You Fall From It Kindly: The Sea”

Ashish was sit in his apartment + watch TV w/ Bhuppi on couch. It was beautiful of a day outside, and Ashish was wonder what kind of movie to watch tonight.

“Yo, man,” Bhuppi say, reading magazine.

“What’s it,” Ashish say, flipping channel.

“What would you rather do,” Bhuppi tell him, “City in the sky, or city in the sea?”

Ashish think about it for a minute. He didn’t even know if there was a possible way to construct such a way to make a city that would float in the clouds, or even if someone could do it under the ocean and accomplish the same. The construction of such a thing would require lot of magnitude, but Ashish didn’t even know if it’s possible. He was just about to tell Bhup his answer of where he would prefer to go, when he got phone call.

He looked at caller ID and didn’t even know it. But, Ashish picked up iPhone to answer.

“Yo,” Ashish say.

Ashish listen for a bit, and he was hear heavy breathing on phone. He didn’t even know who’s it, but he was listen due to fact that it was proper etiquette to wait for answer on other end of phone before deciding proper protocol to talk or hang up on it.

Then…he was hear a voice:

“I want to play a game,” man on phone say to him.

Ashish heard voice…and for brief moment…thought it sound familiar to him, like it was come from some man who had strong beard, good t-shirt, and nice pair of jean pant…

“What’s it,” Ashish say.

“Tell me, Ashish…” man say. “Can you swim?”

Before Ashish could answer, phone ran out of battery and lost power, which was necessary to make it function as a tool. Ashish looked at phone for few seconds, slapped it couple of times to get it to work. When he couldn’t even do it, he tossed it on table to go back to watch TV.

“Oh, ok,” he say.

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