Economy Class: Principle of Supply/Demand w/ Movies to Watch it Pertaining to Safety on Airplane Flight to Undisclose Location

Ashish was wear headphone to watch movie in mini tv on back of seat in front of him on airplane while flying to new destination. He was customize personal viewing experience on plane by selecting channel to watch movie, and was wear headphone to listen to it. It was cost money to view movie ‘on demand,’ and Ashish was confuse because demand was term often associate w/ economic principle such as supply + demand, which was elementary concept taught in various business program, workplace, job, and some high school classroom to learn it. Also, demand was also very appropriate way of a thing to ask for it when dealing w/ insolent child or unculture individual to watch or get objective complete. But, since Ashish was require to pay monetary compensatory item to watch exciteful movie, he wait for passenger next to him, some old lady who wasn’t even young person, to fall asleep before take credit card, swipe it, and then confirm purchase via transaction w/ airplane.

Ashish was now in middle of movie call ‘Grl Next Door’ which was star famous actor such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothy Oliver + Elizbeth Collin, and which was depict various white teenager w/ poor moral decisional skill, and was excite to see very voluptuous exotic blonde girl w/ large breast, nice face, lip, eyes, facial feature, plus other area. There was scene in film which was contain illicit pornographic encounter w/ parents of boy, and Ashish was grow very excite due to forbidden + animalistic nature of it, and was wonder if he could accomplish the same in his own life.

Ashish was feel his pant become so tight due to exciteful nature of scene, and he was realize that passenger next to him would see it, notice that Ashish didn’t have credit card of his own to pay it + suspect that he was steal payment from other passenger, and then tell stewardess to eject Ashish from plane + go to jail, which would result in criminal record, jail sentence, new court case + some drug use or interaction w/ black + other criminal in jail area. Ashish was realize he had to hide excitement, so he was go to take nearby safety manual to cover it. Just then, passenger w/ credit card was wake up! Passenger was old white woman who was of high age in society + biological composition. She was look down at lap of Ashish, look out window, and do yawning.

“Safety is important,” old lady tell to Ashish.

Ashish was pretend not to hear old lady due to fact that headphone was in ear, and then just watch movie w/ safety manual on lap 2 conceal erotic arousal. He look over at her and was anger b/c he was make eye contact w/ it, which was indicative of attentiveness in current situation.

“Yo,” Ashish say.

“Young man,” lady tell to him while undo seatbelt. “Would you mind terribly?”

Ashish was concern b/c undoing of seatbelt in context of exciteful pornographic content was indicator of desire to get close to someone else to do romantic activity such as kiss, touch, go on lap, rub, and other kind of thing. Terrible was true of a sentiment to define it.

Old lady was lean close to Ashish, and Ashish was concern b/c 1) she was able 2 see pornographical type of movie w/ Leonardi Da Vinci, and 2) would report Ashish to authority.

“Please put your seatbelt,” Ashish tell her.

“Young man, please,” lady say. “Would you mind? I need to go to bathroom. I–oh my,” lady say, looking at movie on mini tv screen of Ashish.

Ashish was concern again b/c watching movie stimulus was likely to do erotic reaction from lady which was undesirable of situation for Ashish to experience it on plane while flying to new location. So, Ashish take safety manual from lap and put it in front of TV to hide it. Then, lap of Ashish was expose to lady, who was then look down at it.

“Oh my…” lady say again to Ashish in seat of plane currently in flight.

“Please just let me go to the bathroom,” lady say.

Ashish was undo seatbelt and stand up to get out of way for lady while cover front of pant w/ hand. Ashish was prefer aisle seat due to fact that due to secret training w/ Jones + Loosev, it was not good of a thing to do it to be trap by other individual w/o ability to escape during undesirable situation. So, Ashish was have freedom to get up and go whenever he was want it. Ashish get up to move, but then see that flight attendant who was beautiful exotic woman was approach down aisle w/ shopping cart to contain beverage, refreshment, drink, coke, peanut + napkin. Ashish try to go around it, but waitress wouldn’t even move it. So, Ashish try to go other way, but then other exotic waitress was come down aisle from other direction!

Ashish was trap on both side, and now old lady was in aisle w/ Ashish and similarly trap. Ashish was become more excite due to exciteful encounter w/ 2 extremely beautiful flight attendant, who were secretly try to seduce Ashish and have date w/ him while wearing naughty flight attendant costume.

Old lady was try to go around flight attendant but couldn’t do it, and was approach Ashish, so Ashish try to turn around to go back to seat, but waitress 1 was now block access to assigned seating of Ashish. Ashish was look at his seat and could still see movie playing, and was anger/upset b/c he was miss important plot detail and character dev which was necessary to experience it in order to get money’s worth, do critique of film, and derive entertainment values.

Ashish was become excite again, and pant was grow tight due to tight encounter w/ flight attendant plus unfortunate proximity of old lady.

“Yo,” Ashish say to waitress1. “How’z it going.”

“Please return to your seat, sir.”

Ashish was smile at it due to flrting comment + exciting outfit of waitress, which was accentuate various bodily feature such as breast, hip, neck, hand, face + leg.

“Can’t even,” Ashish say while grin. “Why don’t you show me how to do it.”

Waitress then look down at pant area of Ashish and notice impressive masculine protrusion from groin region.

“Sir, that isn’t appropriate,” she tell to him.

“Oh I know,” Ashish say. “You mean my conceal weapon?”

“Excuse me, sir?” waitress tell him. She was now very anger.

“What’s it,” Ashish say while become confuse in addition to excite.

“Did you say you have a weapon?”

Ashish smiled and was become more excite due to pornographic dialogue which was unfold while remain true to depiction of sexual/romantical encounter in real life to fulfill fantasy, desire, need, urge, etc.

“Well,” Ashish say. “May be you will have to search me…”

Just then, waitress attendant was use walkie-talkie. Ashish was confuse b/c it was against rule to use electronic device on board of airplane due to scientific concept of frequency, radio wave, hydraulic lift, turbulent nature, tray table, + standard temperature and pressure, which may cause interference of it and cause unwanted behavior of 757 aircraft.

“We have a situation in economy class,” attendant say in walkie-talkie, and start to push cart to trap Ashish more.

Ashish was retreat in aisle in other direction, but old lady was still in his way, and other waitress was push cart to trap Ashish in aisle also! Ashish was trap, and also confuse due to fact that economy was business term to describe value, supply + demand. Ashish was then realize that economy class was type of crime Ashish was commit due to theft of credit card to pay for ‘on demand’ movie, which was also supply and demand.

“Stop it,” Ashish say, “I didn’t steal it.”

All of sudden, Ashish was hear large voice of masculine man on plane.

“Freeze!” voice say. “Air Marshall!”

“Yo,” Ashish say. “How’z it going!”

Ashish look across plane which was 757, which was hv 2 seats, aisle, 5 seat, other aisle, and two seat on other side. Voice was come from large man who was black, stand in other aisle, pointing stun gun at Ashish. Freeze was term use by police officer to tell criminal to stop, but also scientific term to describe object that did not yet reach melting point and was in solid state of matter when compare to liquid and gas element of the same.

Ashish was try to run, but then he was hit old lady, and was anger when exciteful groin area which was still excite due to movie + forbidden encounter w/ flight attendant was press into hip of old lady!

“Oh my!” old lady say, which was disgustful to Ashish. “He’s sexually assaulting me!”

“Not even,” Ashish say, punching lady.

“Freeze!” Marshall tell to Ashish. Marshall was first name of famous rapper Eminem, which was name after popular children candy food, who was successful entrepreneur in music industry despite extreme competition from other ethnic musician such as Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Gangnam Style + Will Smith.

Everyone on plane was become very fearful of current situation, and Ashish was know he had to take charge of room and prove innocence. So, Ashish took pen + from nearby child who was do crossword puzzle to arm himself w/ weapon. Also, he was take portable DVD player from child due to fact that he was previously pay for movie and not even allowed to finish it due to current situation w/ authority + flight attendant. He was take DVD player as compensation for inconvenience to watch film at later time and any location due to portable nature of it.

Then, Ashish was begin to climb over seat to get out of flight attendant trap. He was go over various individual and seatback while knock over drink, beverage, food and kick people in face and shoulder to escape due to goal of survival and innocence.

Marshall was run after Ashish, but many years of training as secret agent were asset to Ashish to evade capture of lowly civil servant of poor socioeconomic status.

Ashish was clear from trap, and then was run to front of plane to run away from Marshall. He was run closer to cockpit, which was one other pornographic term + remind Ashish of tactical encounter w/ femme fatale in Mek sport in arena, which was remind Ashish of OTHER forbidden encounter w/ exotic female and using scope to look at breast of it.

Ashish was reach cockpit and Marshall was behind him and get close to it. So, Ashish was ring doorbell.

“Yo,” Ashish say, “Please open it so that I can do–”

Ashish was stop to talk b/c Marshall was get him and use stun gun on Ashish. Ashish was fall to floor and go to sleep b/c he was tire of it, and was wonder what would happen to it, and if he could get to finish movie w/ Leonardo Damon, get money’s worth, or ask various flight attendant on date, or maybe even go out to party w/ Jones to pick up girl…but then…room was go dark……….

As Ashish was fall asleep to go to bed, he was see man stand over him, wearing sunglass + stylish shirt from designer store. Air Marshall was stand behind sunglass man.

“I told you I would find you,” man say. “Welcome home, Ashish.”

Ashish didn’t even know who’s it, but it was sound familiar, like he was formerly meet in warehouse or other location….

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