Ashish Joins Salvation Army to Fight S Konda But Goes to Sporting Good Store to Buy Equipment First

Ashish was enlist in salvation army to fight battle against s konda. Salvation army was dual purpose naming convention to do good deed such as ‘save life’ which was commonly associate w/ hero, heroic activity, heroism, and hero TV show on nbc which was star hayley panter. Other part of name ‘army’ was commonly associate w/ militaristical occupation of it, to fire gun, drive tank, shoot rifle, throw grenade, run mile + defeat bad guy from world dominate.

So, Ashish was join salvation army to be ultimate goodguy to impress Hansen Pansen and go on date wid it, and 2 defeat Konda. “It is multipurposeful,” Ashish say, as he stand in line at sporting good store to purchase hunting equipment. He was stand in check out line at store w/ army hat, boot, pant, fishing bait, baseball glove, bat (which was also dual name for animal of the same), plus some guns. Ashish stand at checkout line while girl was scan all item from shopping cart. Nearby, there was fish tank w/ various exotic fish in it, including baby shark. Ashish was enjoy wildlife in tank, but Ashish also notice checkout girl was very exotic w/ lot of breast, and he was become very excite.

Yo,” Ashish say, smiling at it. “What’s ur name.”

Ashish already knew girl’s name because it was indicate on nametag which was attach to shirt which was locate over breasts of girl, which Ashish was already notice. Girl was look at Ashish as she was scan item, and Ashish was glad she was able to find suitable employment opportunity in such difficult economy.

“My name’s Zonnie,” girl was tell to Ashish.

“It is a nice name,” Ashish tell to her, putting on sunglasses. “How about you make a date w/ me,” he tell her in addition to previous sentence.

Sir, I have a boyfriend,” Zonnie was say, while continuing to ring up item.

Ashish was smile at weak attempt by girl to refuse Ashish, and he was often read in men’s magazine that when girl was try to say no, it was because she was secretfully ashame to say yes for fear of judgmental nature.

“But he is a boy,” Ashish tell her. “I am a man who can show you the world,” Ashish say, which was quote from famous movie Aladdin which was favorite movie of many girl. Zonnie was laugh at Ashish, which was indicate of joyful experience, and then when she went to scan Ashish’s final items — the guns — she was hesitate.

“Sir, do you have a permit for these?”

Ashish was smile because she didn’t even know he was in salivation army to fight S Konda. “I am in the salvation army,” Ashish say. “Tomorrow I am going into battle to fight S Konda. Loosev sent me and I am on secret mission.”

Girl was confuse w/ Ashish, which was not strange b/c girls were often find it difficult to follow complex informational story.

“Um,” Zonnie say, “You need a permit for these weapons. I can’t sell them to you.”

Ashish was laugh, “Ohhh, ok,” he say to her before making decision to dial up charm, which was strategy often employ by Jones. “I told you, tomorrow I go into battle. So, tonight may be my last night alive. Maybe you should just go out on date w/ me. I may not live and you may regret it.

Zonnie was disgust w/ Ashish, and so she press button under cash register. All of sudden, various security guard were show up to apprehend Ashish.

Ashish turn to Zonnie and say, “What is the meaning of it?”

Zonnie was chew bubblegum and blow bubble at Ashish while he was stand there. The security guards were come close to take him away, and Ashish was have to think fast. He think back to previous mission w/ Jones, where he hand him stick of gum called “red light green light,” which was inspire by famous movie Mission Impossible w/ Tim Cruise.

All of sudden, Ashish took out red light green light gum and was take it out of wrapper. “Red light,” Ashish say, folding gum. “Green light,” he tell to them.

Then, w/ lot of speed, Ashish throw gum onto fish tank, and watch it explode it. All of sudden, fish tank was break, and lot of water + fish was pour out, flooding store. Ashish was put all his item into shopping cart, including gun. He was run shopping cart out of store as security guard were become drown in water from tank explosion.

Just before he leave, Ashish took out iPhone and turn to Zonnie. She was stand behind counter, and was proceed to get lot of water on shirt from fish tank. Ashish took various picture from phone of Zonnie’s wet t-shirt, which was now stuck to her breast b/c of water.

“Goodbye, my dear. Maybe next time,” Ashish say to her. Then, Ashish was run out of store w/ his item in shopping cart, and run all the way home w/ it to prepare for mission.


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