Raccoon City: Very Danger (Part 1)

Ashish was ride into Raccoon City on motorcycle which he was borrow from Jones without ask permission. He was previously sneak into garage of Jones and take red motorcycle because of gud gas mileage, and he was take it to raccoon city to get new pet to appeal to kids, and maybe open business for petting zoo to earn money on side and maybe find new roommate. So, he was ride into RC at night since it was long trip, and he was so low on gas that he was tell himself to stop for gas when he was get there. Also, Ashish was notice how quiet road was on way to raccoon city, which was indicate of light traffic condition forecast and good luck for Ashish not to run into traffic jam, which was name of situation often associate w/ lot of traffix, or even famous spread to go on peanut butter sandwich, which was delicacy for children and come in variety of flavor.

Ashish was find it strangeful that he didn’t even see no other cars on road.

“It is strangeous,” Ashish say from inside helmet, which was safety device use when utilizing motorcycle for travel.

Ashish press gas pedal on bike, and put on turn signal to take exit for raccoon city. Turn signal was proper driving protocol to indicate to other driver what’s it, and when’s it, so Ashish was do it out of habit to make sure everyone who’d see it was safe of it. Soon, after bearing right on fork and driving straight, Ashish was get to Raccoon City.

He was check iphone for nearest pet store, and even press button to ask siri “pet store where’s it,” but siri was give him error! Ashish was look around city, which was typically associate w/ lot of bustle + commercial activity, but didn’t even see nothing.

He was take motorcycle to gas station to get fuel for the same, and when he get there, he was see big truck w/ lot of wheels filling up gas. Ashish was park motorcycle and decide to go say hi, because he didn’t even see any other people in city, and he was begin to get loneful and yearnful for human interaction, which was necessary for happy life. So, he was keep helmet on to look like tough traveler, and took few steps to truck. All of sudden, car window of truck was blast open, and man was fall out on his back! Ashish was frighten when he see this, and didn’t even know who’s or what’s it even to happen around raccoon city.

Ashish look at man who was throw out of window, and he had nametag on w/ name Mark, which was indicate he was local to RC + gas station attendant. Ashish was notice that Mark was have lot of scratch + blood mark on his face, which was indicate of injury, but then…Ashish was look at eyes of Mark, which were all white and indicate of unnatural condition. Then, slowfully, Mark was get up and start to stand. Ashish look in truck and notice driver was inside w/ bleeding on arm.

“Ugh….” truck driver say. “That guy’s a maniac! Why’d he bite me?”

Then, truck was take off and leave gas station w/o paying, and Ashish was left alone w/ Mark. Mark was now walk toward Ashish w/ blood in mouth, doing lot of moan-noise and walk toward Ashish with uneven step and bad posture.

“Yo,” Ashish say, still wearing helmet, walking backward from man. Ashish was look around at surroundings, and didn’t even see other people anywhere. “YO,” Ashish say w/ bit more loudful intention. “Where’s pet store,” Ashish ask.

Man wasn’t even listen and was continue to walk to Ashish. Mark was chomp his teeth and drip blood from mouth, so Ashish was decide that maybe Mark was sick w/ bacterial infection or maybe rabie, which was contract from wild Raccoon animal.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Ashish say, finally making understandful connection. “CIty is  name after raccoon animal, which is contain rabie, so lot of local HAVE rabie as part of local culture.” Ashish was proud to have made logical connection of cultural condition in raccoon city through power of deductive reasoning.

“Ohhhhh, ok,” Ashish say. “Sorry 2 be rude, Mark. I did not know the custom.” Ashish was start to grumble underneath helmet and try his best to mimic custom of Mark. “Rooooooaaaaaarrr,” Ashish say, doing best impression of raccoon which he was watch on discovery channel one day.

Mark was bewilder @ Ashish and didn’t even know what 2 do, so Ashish was continue to honor local raccoon custom.

All of sudden, Ashish turn around and was see various other local raccoon resident depicting similar habit to Mark, and Ashish was decide that this was welcome committee of city, come to welcome new visitor and show Ashish good time.

“I am honored,” Ashish say, “but really please tell me where’s the pet store.”

When welcome committee was still approach Ashish w/ staggerful step, Ashish turn back to Mark, who was now grab Ashish’s arm and try to bite it!

“No,” Ashish say, “I don’t want to shake hand.”

Ashish was try to get arm away from Mark, but Mark was very strong, which was indicate of lot of gym attendance or maybe viral infection of engineered virus from evil corporation, or maybe famous actor Mark Strong who was famous actor to feature in various movie. Finally, Ashish was able to push Mark away, and decide that Mark maybe was try to inflict harm on Ashish because he was outsider.

So after push Mark, Ashish go into local diner to take cover, only to be attack by local chef! He had nametag which was say Tony.

“I am not interested!” Ashish shout, while running through diner to service exit in back. Chef of diner was also infect w/ raccoon rabie, and was rapidly approach Ashish. Ashish finally open door and was find local police officer point gun at him!

Ashish was still wear helmet and say, “No, please don’t do it! I’m just looking for pet store!”

“Get down!” cop say to Ashish.

So, Ashish do it, and cop was also shoot gun at Tony and kill it by shooting it in head. Ashish was thankful for assistance of new cop friend, but he didn’t even know who’s it.

“We can’t stay out here,” cop say. “We should head to the police station. It’ll be a lot safer,” he tell to Ashish.

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say, following cop.

So, Ashish was get up and follow cop to cop car. As they were drive to station, Ashish couldn’t even know was in store for he and new partner later on. Couldn’t even know it.

“What’s even going on in raccoon city,” Ashish say. “I drive into it, and all of sudden, everyone was go—“

“Great!” cop say. “The radio’s out.”

Ashish was look at cop who was drive in tenseful manner. “Yo,” Ashish say. “You’re cop, right?”

“Yeah,” cop say, fixing his hair. “First day on the job. Great, huh? Name’s Leon Kennedy. Nice to meet you.”

Ashish was smile at Lenny Kendy, glad to make such heroic new friend. But as they were drive straight along road, Ashish didn’t even know what type of evil… was take residence… in cheerful raccoon city, or what kind of trouble would happen when he get to police station…


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