Raccoon City: Very Danger (Part 2)

Ashish was sit in passenger seat of cop car and have meaningful conversation with Leo Kennedy, which was name of cop who was save his life in previous chapter. Leo was young rookie cop without lot of field experience to put on résumé when applying for various job application, but he was previously save life of Ashish, which was debt that Ashish would have to repay at opportune moment in future. So, LK was arrive in town at same time as Ashish and notice that things were go very wrong in Raccoon City! As result of the same, Ashish was join force with rookie cop to uncover mystery of Raccoon rabie virus, and hopefully find cure of it.

As they were drive down road and go very fast, Ashish was notice that there was lot of people on road, walking in unsafe manner by standing in middle of road w/o even looking both ways before they were cross the street. Leon was drive all around the fine citizen of raccoon, and driving in wreckless manner which is commonly indicate of traffic accident. After Leon was hit several bump in road, Ashish was begin to feel unsafe.

“Drive straight,” Ashish tell to Leon.

Leon didn’t even answer because he was worry about current situation, and because cop was to uphold duty of maintaining civilization in time of social unrest and disorder. Finally, he was look at Ashish before look back at road.

“Hey, could you check the glove box?”

Ashish was confuse because glove was article of clothing commonly wear on hand in time of cold or winter condition such as snow, Christmas, snowball fight, camping, mountain climb, workout at witness club, and some garden situation. Box was cubical object commonly use in storage of various supplies, or moving friend to new apartment in u-haul truck.

“What’s it,” Ashish ask to Leon.

Leon was look at Ashish and pointed to panel in front of Ashish, which was area of car commonly utilize for storage of driver license, registration info, napkin, snack, purell + other miscellaneous supply.

“Ohhhhhh, ok,” Ashish say, laughing at miscommunicative situation. Then, Ashish press button, and inside of compartment he was find two item: handgun and nunchuk! Ashish was very familiar w/ nunchuk weapon from previous mission, so he was put it in his pocket. Then, he was lift up visor of motorcycle helmet to examine gun in more closetful manner. “There’s….gun,” Ashish tell to Leon.

“Better take it with you,” Leon tell to Ashish.

Ashish was pick up gun and hold it in his hand. He was examine it for durability + craftsmanship to make sure it was of good engineering and design from good manufacture. Gun was “Browning HP” which was acronym to be share w/ “Harry Potter,” which was popular franchise of children movie for commercial box office. Ashish was know that w/ HP gun, he would have special power to be able to conduct investigation of rabie virus and fine cure for raccoon city.

All of sudden, Ashish was hear something from back seat! When he was turn around, he was find that a man w/ rabie virus was attack from backseat + try to jump over divider in back. Man in backseat was bear strikeful resemblement to gas station attendant Mark + diner chef Tony. Ashish shed few tears for fallen citizen of raccoon city but was have to focus on current situation in cop car!

“No!” Ashish scream. He was put down visor to helmet to protect from bacterial infection, and man in back was try to smack and scratch Ashish, which was rude of a mannerism to engage in it when meeting someone for first time.

Leon was turn steering wheel of car to try to compensate for newfound passenger in backseat, and to prevent infection by altering inertia of moving car. Inertia was basic principle from science class as develop by Isaac Newton which was say “body in motion stay in movement,” so Leon was do his best to try and uphold the law of Newton, and the law of Raccoon City. He was swerve car into various alleyway and building on side of the road, which was cause him to lose control of car. Ashish was try to point gun at man in backseat to defend the life of Leon, but w/ so much Newtonian movement, he couldn’t even get it.

Ashish was fire a bullet and missed zombie.

“Hold your fire!” Leon shout.

“Who’d it!” Ashish say. He was confuse because there wasn’t even no fire inside of car, so he didn’t even know how to hold it to comply w/ Leon.

All of sudden, Leon was drive over patch of oil in road, and car was begin to spin. Ashish was begin to get lot of dizzy because of continuous spinful state, and he was remind of merry-go-round at Disney world when he was take Todd to see it. Ashish couldn’t even point gun, but he was know that man in back was still try to infect him. At final moment, Leon was apply brake device in car JUST as cop car was do collision w/ traffic pole. Car was suddenly stop, and due to fact that Ashish + Lenny were wear seatbelt device, they were able to survive crash w/o harmful occurrence. However, zombie from back seat was fly through windshield, which was common feature in all automobile.

Ashish was look out window of car and confirmed death of zombie.

“Are you okay?” Leo ask.

“Still in one piece of it,” Ashish respond to him.

All of sudden again, Ashish was notice that very bright headlight was illuminate main compartment of car. Looking behind him, he was detect that, in far away so much lot of distance, big truck w/ many wheels was come driving toward them w/ lot of speed!

“It is the same car from the gas station!” Ashish say.

“That maniac’s gonna ram us!” Leon say.

“Oh, ok,” Ashish say in response to it.

Before he was get out of car, Ashish was snap photo of oncoming truck 4 upload to photo album later. He applied fancy filter for instant-graham application, which was name after popular graham cracker snack to purchase at grocery store, convenient store + amazon.com. Then, Ashish was undo seatbelt, but it was stuck!

Big truck was get closer, so Ashish was press emergency eject button of cop car. All of sudden, top of car was open up like in helicopter, and seat was eject upwardly into beautiful night sky. Ashish was notice how beauteous sky was with lot of bright star to illuminate it, and was think that real estate in Raccoon City area was lightly to have lot of high value due to such good view. Ashish take another photo from new height to add to album. Then, parachute was open up from seat ejection, and Ashish was begin to float gracefully down to Raccoon City street.

All of sudden, truck from gas station was run into cop car and do big volumeful explosion upon contact with the same! Ashish look below and was see big fireball happen from it, and shockwave impact of it was cause parachute to blow in other direction, away from Leo. Leon was watch Ashish in astonishment, and he didn’t even know that Ashish was previously complete many secret mission in past that were also very danger, to places such as Donewall and famous city in sky: Columbia.

Ashish was begin to get afraid that he wouldn’t even see Leonard again, or how to find way to police station. Raccoon City was big urban location with lot of one way street and road obstruction due to bacterial outbreak, so he didn’t even know which way’s it. Google map application could only do little bit of help.

“Lenny!” Ashish shout as he was float away. “How do I find it!”

“Head to the station!” Leonardo shout. “I’ll meet you there.”

Ashish took out iPhone and was snap photo of Leon and add it to album. He did zoom feature on it to capture close picture of Leon so that he didn’t forget what he look like, and then upload it to album.

“Ohk!” Ashish say, floating down street w/ parachute. As he float, Ashish was study layout of Raccoon City + commit it to memory. Below, he was see lot of citizens who were walk around and also infect, doing lot of moanful noise and staggerful step. Ashish was take some additional photos of Raccoon City and citizenry, and post it to album. He was also see lot of burning car, car crash, abandon house, store, grocery store, pharmacy, school, and some restaurant.

Ashish was operate controls of parachute and alter his trajectory. In distance, he was see gun shop that had name “Kendo Gun Shop” on it. Lights were on inside, which meant electricity was operate at good capacity, which was sign of civilization! Ashish was start to drop down to ground level at increaseful speed, and he was get close to Kendo shop which had big glass window front. He was look more closely and also see some zombie which were bang on glass to try and break it. Glass was sensitive material used in lot of device, such as table, drinking cup, car window, shower door and glass slipper from famous Cinderella movie from Disney corporation.

“The corporation…” Ashish say. He was realize that it must be evil of a corporation to do it who would unleash bacterial/viral contagion on citizen of Raccoon City. Company that had such squeakful clean image like Disney would have lot to hide…and lot to gain…from doing it. Ashish know he was have to uncover the truth of it.

Just then, Ashish was crash through gun shop window at rapidful speed, and did considerable damage to break the same. Due to fact that he was wear motorcycle helmet, he was land safely w/o much injury.

Ashish land on carpet floor of gun shop, but parachute was still hang out of big broken window! Ashish turn to look at storefront window, but instead, he was see aforemention zombie now attack a man who was likely gun shop owner, doing hideful behavior inside of gun shop to hide from infection. Ashish was shed various tear upon watching gun shop owner get attack by group of zombie, who were doing scratch and bite on him.

“No…” Ashish say, realizing that he was fail a fine citizen of Raccoon. “They are all have rabie,” he say.

Ashish was point gun at zombie, but he didn’t even have lot of bullets to do it. He look to his right and saw door leading to back alley. Door was open, which was indicate that someone was recently use it.

Ashish was cut away his parachute strap so that he could fit through door. He was make sure he had nunchuk and gun in his pocket. Before he was exit the door, he turned back to gun shop owner. Gun shop owner was scream and make lot of blood mark on carpet, which would make difficult stain to remove it.

“I am sorry,” Ashish say.

Then, Ashish snap a photo of zombie attack, and upload it to album.

Ashish was turn and exit into alleyway and never even look back…

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