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Ashish Joins Salvation Army to Fight S Konda But Goes to Sporting Good Store to Buy Equipment First

Ashish was enlist in salvation army to fight battle against s konda. Salvation army was dual purpose naming convention to do good deed such as ‘save life’ which was commonly associate w/ hero, heroic activity, heroism, and hero TV show … Continue reading

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Economy Class: Principle of Supply/Demand w/ Movies to Watch it Pertaining to Safety on Airplane Flight to Undisclose Location

Ashish was wear headphone to watch movie in mini tv on back of seat in front of him on airplane while flying to new destination. He was customize personal viewing experience on plane by selecting channel to watch movie, and … Continue reading

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Game of Mek – Big Robot Battle for Extreme Sport Depiction

Ashish was sit at control console of big robot w/ lot of technological feature and heavy gears and mechanisms inside of it. He was look at control panel and notice prominent feature such as: flashing light, button, lever, tire pressure, … Continue reading

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