Main Character

The many character of Saurabh Fiction…..

Character Summaries Item of Choice
Ashish Main character of Saurabh Fiction whose personal and professional life is filled with tales of true destiny, friendship, romance, and danger. He is adequately trained as one secret agent and is determined to display his skills in many situations Nunchuk, comb
Saurbston K. Jones Movie hero from various action film who is one role model to Ashish, and often takes time from his celebrity schedule to provide support during missions Sunglasses
Loosev Man All-knowing man who lives in space ship and gives Ashish information on all his critical missions; mentor and true friend of Ashish Cigarette
S Konda Villain with endeavors to defeat Ashish; engages in a lot of crime and takes it seriously as his hobbies Warehouse
Bhuppi Best childhood friend of Ashish; often pursues affection of attractive female and gets into trouble while attempting to prove masculinity Newspaper
Bhup2 Clone of Bhuppi from lab experiment, but doesn’t even know he’s not the original one
Evil Bhup One of surviving clones of Bhuppi, turned to evil
Bnta Exotic female whom is often bewilder and opinionated; tired of living as housewife and yearns for excitement and novelty Shopping Cart
Black Exotic male character whom Bnta is attract and intrigued by; diligent businessman and gentleman
Todd Bothersome child who is also roommate of Ashish in apartment; they live together and Todd often causes problem in living arrangement and is a nuisance to Ashish Blocks; toys; video game
Femme Fatale Beautiful exotic woman who often works for S Konda to defeat Ashish
Popcorns Manager at office where Todd works