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Song: Bhuppi the Saurabh

The following poem is recite in songful manner to tune of “Frosty the Snowman”. For reference to previous history of Bhup that’s depict in following song lyric, please revert the same to Bhuppi Bachelor Show story! Here’s it: Bhuppi the … Continue reading

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Bhuppi Presents: Bachelor Show!

Bhuppi was standing in television studio which was situate in private basement of beach house which was belong to television network executive. In front of him there were some girls: 5 total of it – each one was a potential … Continue reading

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Bnta Plans Online Date and Has Forbidden Encounter at Store in Preparation of It

Bnta looked at message on computer on website of profile of man who ask her out on date via online web URL. Bnta was utilize website in order to meet suitable friends and male companion for few different activity to … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Meal 2012 — Is Interrupt!!

Ashish open up microwave and put in turkey which he found trespassing in backyard. He caught it with net and throw it in microwave in order to provide food for guest 2 entertain 4 party. People were all sit at … Continue reading

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