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Bioshock Infinite Story – Act II [AWARD WINNER!]

Game of Skies: The Sea Is Not Even Clean Enough To Swim It SPOILER WARNING: Story is contain lot of spoiler for game. Spoil is term often use to depict rotten progression of various food item such as milk, fruit, … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Meal 2012 — Is Interrupt!!

Ashish open up microwave and put in turkey which he found trespassing in backyard. He caught it with net and throw it in microwave in order to provide food for guest 2 entertain 4 party. People were all sit at … Continue reading

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Honor is Not Even a Name to Call It [CONTEST ENTRY]

1st Part Ashish sat in helicopter, flying over ocean, which would take him to brand new island. He looked out of helicopter and took look of landscape and other types of scenery, including sky and water. He also saw herd … Continue reading

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